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As you know, Trish and I are headed through Oklahoma on our way to Hot Springs, Arkansas to fellowship and worship the Lord, then onto Fayetteville, where I will be appearing on the air on Frank Whalen's show (KXNA) on Friday, and then the station is sponsoring a booksigning, where I will also be able to meet and talk (or pray with, or minister to) those who are led there. 

We're on the road as of today. Please pray for a safe journey as we cross the plains. I will be posting and communicating with you from the road via laptop, and telephone line. 

We had planned to go then up to Kansas City, but this won't be possible due to a prior commitment that I had forgotten about. My hope is that those folks will come to Fayetteville on Saturday. 

Some of you had written me about my comments on mainstream talk radio, particularly the Coast to Coast show. Let me put this to rest. I only use that show as an example of mainstream culture today. Some of the topics I find reprehensible, like witchcraft, alien disinfo, apostate views on exorcism, anti-Christian views, etc. And some of the mainstream Christians aid to this folly, rather than proclaiming the Word of God and Jesus Christ as Lord.

I had no problem with the hosts, but did feel somewhat 'handled' by them. I couldn't say all I wanted to. But I did get away with quite a lot, compared to those I heard before me--all praise be to God...many of are here and at the Lamb Cafe due to the show, so the Lord was in it, and we see how He uses all things for good.

That aside, I look at C2C as any other media outlet, whether Rush Limbaugh, CNN, Fox News, etc. The cultural morass is growing...and sometimes I get frustrated with how good the mind control is. Other days, like today, I just let it go... the Word of God comforts me about this. 

Meanwhile, we're headed to do a show where I can speak, pray, preach, whatever...where cutting edge views are not only tolerated, but promoted! (it's kind of an inside joke that what we do is 'radical' or 'cutting edge'--laughing).

Perhaps we are part of a trend, a wave that will eventually permeate the mainstream. This would be a good thing.

Be back in touch this afternoon...Our love to you all too! Godspeed. -zed

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SEPTEMBER 21, 2003

Lu:10:3: Go your ways: behold, I send you forth as lambs among wolves.

My wife and I will be traveling to Oklahoma, Arkansas and Kansas to meet folks, minister, baptize, be on radio, sign books, etc. I do hope that we can meet many of you in Fayetteville, Ark on the 27th of Oct. 

Persecution-wise (well, ya can’t ever get rid of that), our family laptop (Trish and I share one) got broken, and so we took to Best Buy, where we purchased—they said it would be fixed before we took off on the trip. Well, yesterday, it did not arrive and so I have a choice. I either pop for a new laptop—and that is a strain right now…I suppose we could charge it—or I go to Kinkos or Internet cafes when I can to upload reports. I know some of you are here daily, and yes, some days you can sense when I’m under attack. 

Lately, I have been hit with a kind of fatigue that I can’t describe, but it’s all coming from the same source. Today, I feel fine. Some days, it is near-impossible to get things uploaded, but somehow, through the Holy Spirit, it seems to keep getting done, praise God. And yes, prayer always works, praise the Lord. We must all be conducting spiritual warfare CONSTANTLY, that is rebuking the attacks as soon as they come in. Do not let the hierarchy get a foothold. 

Some of the attacks as of late have been (and most all the Lord turns into blessings, amen?!):

Fatigue, thought-form attack, spells and death curses cast, mental fog and torment (easily rebuked), the flurry of backstabbing and shunning where there was eagerness before (the proverbial cold feet!—most of you go through all this), and also demonic manifestations—killing our animals, strange lightning storms, UFO and demonic manifestations, etc. I’m used to the push-pull of media—they say they want the truth but if you give it to them, sometimes they freak out. (C2C radio program is a great example of this—you can be a Christian there if you’re a sell out, no thanks!)

Mention must be given to Arkansas station KXNA and talk-show host Frank Whalen, a new breed of courageous gabbers that do present the truth, and daily. In this relationship, I can tell you the Lord has changed Frank into something to fear. He presents the spiritual battle between Jesus and Satan perfectly. In the times I have been on his program, he has never censored me from saying exactly the way the world is. Not like C2C where I was censored, even though I rebelled and got kicked out, amen! He has requested for me to pray over the nation and the people of Fayetteville on the air, live! He has delved into satanism and had guests on like Jane Whiting, Colonel Craig Roberts, Alex Jones, Stanley Monteith—and the list goes on and on and on. Exposing the whole matrix. This is why we’re heading to Arkansas—because this man stands up on a commercial and secular station daily, and now with less and less fear. So we are going there to hopefully plant a fellowship in the area…and gab a bit more on radio.

Frank, since he has been on this path, has become the number 1 talk show host in the region. The Lord lifts up the truth and His truth-bearers despite the opposition. Truth is always stronger. So it will be marvelous to meet him and work together there. 


As I walk around this property on the backside of the desert, I pray over the two graves of my beloved cats, Sherman and Tato—who were both taken out in simply inexplicable ways. They’re graves are cool, though—an array of flagstones that we found marks each one, and sometimes the other cats and lizards sun themselves on them! I see the two cats sitting on the lap of someone, happy as can be. 

My wife’s hands and feet nearly broke out again—this was a curse thrown by a local witch who pretended to want Jesus. They have sent heavier and heavier hitters after national radio. The first guy was a programmer, the second was a witch, and oh, boy did we get an education. The Lord has instructed me that if the Art Bell show calls again, to refuse them. I am not here to become some sort of circus act like the others. He wants me to minister to the folks out in the countryside, not lament a painful past (which I can’t even remember anymore).


I was completely healed by the Lord of all past traumas. Every single human being on earth has ‘PAST’ traumas. Those who go to Satan’s side of course get a phony healing, and will PAY LATER, believe me on that. The kicker is…the past isn’t what it used to be. It’s not real. It’s fiction.

Those who go to Satan’s side, as slaves, learn to foist their problems on lambs. Oh, my the bill they will get and soon! No one can pay that one, save for Jesus—but then it will be too late. 

It’s like going to the most expensive shopping district in the world, say 5th Ave. in Manhattan, and being granted a free shopping spree where you can have anything you want. So these short-term thinkers and reprobate minds grab everything in sight, then they’re handed a bill—nothing short of their soul will do, thank you very much. 

At first they get power, or so they think, then, after the reality sets in, they realize they are slaves to the hierarchy, having to do what they are told, lest they be hurt the way they are instructed to hurt others. If they do not harass or attack the weaker, the lambs, the meek, the suffering, then they will be attacked. They develop a thirst, a hunger for it, like vampires. Now, I am talking about 90 percent of the population, and only about 20 percent know what I’m talking about, the rest are members, sure, but just call it WEIRDNESS. 

Make no mistake, growing up means to accept the truth and TAKE the persecution meant for Jesus, who is God. Any other choice is an adolescent move, a childish move. Some have told me that I’m like a child all grown up. Well, in the world’s terms this is how THEY SEE IT, but not my fellow servants in Christ. I was given the strength to withstand their onslaught, and stood against them knowing what I was doing all along. I don’t know how, since all my friends wound up dead. But I did through the grace of our Lord, for the purpose of ministering to the world. My child was never damaged, and neither was my adult. My past faded out, but I will never fade. I know who I am and what I am all about. I know what the world is and what is true and what is false. I know that most will not choose the path I am on because they can’t take it, or so they think. 

They are weak, we are strong. They are immature, we are mature. They are children, we are adults. They perceive us as impetuous children and God sees them as the children of wrath!

So… let’s just see who’s standing at the end. I already know, and so do you—but do not expect the majority to repent—THEY WILL NOT. Anyone wanting a huge revival now and desiring to build an army for God is simply letting their satanic side show. 90 percent of the preachers and so-called Christian ministry workers, including missionaries, are on the wrong side of the equation. They refer to themselves as educated, all grown up, civil, thoughtful, sinners, yes, but fail to see their POSITION over the line. We’re all sinners—but there is a line one crosses in the world that has nothing to do with sin, but birthright, salvation, etc. 

The Lord will encounter them and say, DEPART FROM ME, I NEVER KNEW YOU. They are playing fast and loose with the truth, and will be presented a mighty bill for their acceptance by the mommy-dearest world. 

Many simply play the game enough to get a position in a church or a chance to appear righteous—make no mistake, when they are called to do something evil, they must. And they must feed daily—that means, mutual use. They have to find others to “come together with” or they WILL FADE. 

But God’s Lambs never fade. We were here and we will be here long after their departure. This earth belongs to the meek, to the lambs, to God’s children—THEY ARE SQUATTERS HERE. They are polluters here. All their power and toys and status means nothing to God. How they are laughed at, ridiculed, derided by the Truth!

Hmmm, some of you must need this message. I was only going to write about our trip and to ask you to pray for a fruitful journey bringing the POWER OF GOD to those who need it, and to get together with folks and cause a big stir for Jesus Christ! Pray that the Lord’s will be done, my fellow lambs! 

Perhaps there are a few fence-sitters amongst the readers today. Well, if this is you, use what I just wrote to motivate you to get off your duff and get going! I told you this yesterday, and I’m telling this to you today. Face them, let them know, DO NOT MASQUERADE blaspheming the Name and Person of Jesus in the process. Tell them who you are and what you are all about. 

The worst they can do is cast you into heaven, right? 

One person said to me, “So Zeph, where we goin’ with this?”

And I said, “Poverty, Prison, beheaded, scoffed at, lied to, just another day at the office, eh? Is that what you wanted to hear?”

Then, astonished that suddenly we were not on the same page…a betrayal was in the works! But I don’t run. Suddenly the one who cared so much for me goes pale with fear and runs. 

“Hey, where are you going? Come back here—you were going to help me, right? You were going to guide me!—what happened to all that worldly wisdom you were going to impart…to help me! It was about Jesus, right? That’s what you said! To connect me to my fellow man! Huh? Hey, run rabbit, run! Jackrabbit, keep running, ‘fraid of your own shadow. You had better be afraid, because unless there is a total change, unless you come out of here, then there WAS NO CONVERSION, and you are on your way to paying for all your iniquities. You lied about Jesus. You can’t just say you believe, you have to actually believe. No disconnect, no conversion took place. Deal with it. I say, to all of you who are caught in this situation with others, especially in the churches—tell them to depart from you. Rent your clothes. These will only try to tie you up from witnessing to those who truly need you, who love the Lord but don’t know how to go about it. Minister to them, to each other. It’s time now to prepare the Bride, the lines have been drawn. Let the vampires melt away without a fix. 

And this is how it is lately with the lambs. The world does not expect to see the confidence, the sure-footedness, the clarity of purpose. I am self-possessed, not other possessed. I am free (praise Jesus), and can say what I am given to say. I go where I want, I let God lead me. I have no burden, the past faded out—there was no trauma. I will no longer testify of my trials in childhood…for it never happened to ME, not to me. The past has become fiction for all lambs now. But for them, the hierarchy—theirs is based on the past, on a pecking order…oh, my, what will they do when it all fades away. The apocalypse, for them, has begun. It’s called magnetism that wipes out memory. 

Oh, of course there is a physical reason…but God is behind it, amen. 

Any radio station that wants to me to delve into these subjects, forget it. It is now irrelevant. What is relevant is the truth now—that is, the satanists who run the world, the indoctrination, harassment and abuse of lambs in an effort to coerce them into giving up. The pollution of language—i.e. self-corrupting is equated with saving others. NONSENSE! BLASPHEMY! 

You who hold this doctrine will perish by pain and agony…and everything you built will be as naught. And you shall be cast into the outer darkness then judged for what you did to our people. And you sold out cheap…you label us, we feel sorry for you, that your pride will not allow you to separate from the SYSTEM that feeds on the souls of men. 

Here ya go—the material world: here is your reward, worlders!

Re:18:12: The merchandise of gold, and silver, and precious stones, and of pearls, and fine linen, and purple, and silk, and scarlet, and all thyne wood, and all manner vessels of ivory, and all manner vessels of most precious wood, and of brass, and iron, and marble,

Re:18:13: And cinnamon, and odours, and ointments, and frankincense, and wine, and oil, and fine flour, and wheat, and beasts, and sheep, and horses, and chariots, and slaves, and souls of men.

Re:18:14: And the fruits that thy soul lusted after are departed from thee, and all things which were dainty and goodly are departed from thee, and thou shalt find them no more at all.

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