Lyrics by Zeph Daniel

It’s a boomerang

It’s a boomerang

‘round your head

I don’t know why you thought you would win

It’s a boomerang

You thought you got away with murder

Round up the usual suspects

Gonna hunt you down 

to the last man alive

It’s a boomerang

Death--too good for you

Death--a lesson in school

Death--you gun down the innocent

it’s a boomerang

Yeah yeah

You’re in my sights

not goin’ anywhere

It’s a boomerang

Nowhere to run

and nowhere to slide

gun you down

and your whole hive

Where you live

it’s a boomerang

What are you gonna say now?

Seth Rich

Seth Rich

Seth Rich

It’s a boomerang

Two way street


Be careful who you meet


Seal your fate

I don’t know why 

you thought you could win

But now you’re gonna find out 

what you’re made of

Your cruel fate

Cruel fate


Rich Keltner composition, rhythm and lead guitars, added synth

Zeph Daniel, Bass, Conga, Vocals, Mix

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