At the tender age of 17 years old ( in 1971) I was traumatized by satanists and high level shrinks (working for them in so-called High Society, the class of the movers and shakers, celebrities and well-to-do)... it was a hard time for me, as the demons of conformity to Satan were family and friends... pretty much ALL... (far more than 5 to 10 percent psychopaths!) who became my gangstalkers, discrediters, character assassins, tormenters etc.  I was incarcerated, overdosed, put in a coma and while my own family spread rumors that I was in fact dead (i.e. they got their sacrifice)... I was brainwashed in the Midwest at the Menninger Foundation by elite shrinks from the US military (and ex-Nazis) who told me that everything that had happened in LOS ANGELES regarding murder (close friends did not make it), pedophilia, satanic rituals was IN FACT DELUSIONAL, FALSE, AND DID NOT HAPPEN. That this is the ranting of a paranoid guy who took too much LSD (ah, and of course who provided the LSD--THEM, that was their drug!)

And, only after recanting all I had said about my life and all the events that happened, would they allow me to return to society, a changed man!  ("Got to believe it's getting better, it's getting better, all the time....")

Yes, that was successful and for the bulk of my life I had no idea why I was traumatized and depressed.... i.e. living in a false notion of reality, believing that a conspiracy so horrific could not in fact exist.  And went about my business of being handled and controlled by paid employees of Thunlowe.  (grin)

"The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys" by Traffic (1971, music by Steve Winwood, lyrics by Jim Capaldi) was used almost exclusively by satanists in their orgiastic murder rituals and as a hypnotic trigger for the sex slaves and others who were part of the overall Eyes Wide Shut cabal that ran the world.  This was one of their anthem songs, because it specifically points out there is only ONE CHOICE for survival in this world (THEIR WAY), and that is dealing with the honchos of high society--as in becoming their slaves and taking one's place in the hierarchy of things (slaves and masters on all levels, everywhere).  It is also about spiritual initiation into "the other side" (also called the realm of the dead) (as so much of rock at that time was basically worship music of Lucifer/Satan/Self/the Demonic, etc etc).... and also aludes to blood sacrifice ("...if you had just one minute to breathe, and THEY granted you one final wish, would you ask (THEM) for something like "another chance"...")

So the lyric begs the question, who is "THEY"... and "THEY" are the HIGH-HEELED BOYS, i.e. the honchos that rule the world... presidents, kings, ROCK stars, the top in all fields?.... (and if that is the case you do not have a world, you have a Matrix of Evil where society in total is mind-controlled ala The Wizard of Oz... etc etc etc) -- and of course the other meaning is that if you don't BOW DOWN TO THEM, you're DEAD.  So the song is a THREAT. And an act of war against the Holy God, YHWH, who in Ezekiel 13 beginning at verse 17 lamented the takeover in Israel of the same assholes back in the day, and vowed to rid Israel of those who "sew all armholes"....who run the world through those who "come unto them"--a form of sex but really an initiation rite as per those verses.  They also slay "those who should live".... those who belong to YHWH... and this in order to further their powerful grip on power.  Israel you will recall was destroyed and the people thrown into captivity in Babylon specifically to stop this situation... the same is true today, and you can see it as the well-to-do are being decimated by circumstances NO ONE can control.

The song has a heavy demonic signature and power associated with it---until today.  Today I render it DEAD (at least for me and what happened in the past, something that is beyond most peoples ability to comprehend).  Because the song itself is a LIE.  And the idiots who wrote it just wanted to be rock stars, and evangelizing for Satan was the only way... besides, the song sounds so different that other Traffic songs one wonders who actually WROTE IT... I believe it was written by the most powerful spirits on the satanic side... call them muses if you like.  Winwood's interviews on YouTube only show me that he's not the brightest bulb in the box, he just learned at an early age who his masters were and served them, boosting himself into being a front man in the Spencer Davis group at age 15.  So he believes thoroughly that he is right and this entire analysis of course would be insane, preposterous, false and also a lie.  So no progress can ever be made... we have the mirror, and those on either side of it...the only solution in the end is for the mirror to BREAK.  And it is at long last.

The dumb masses just thought it was about transvestites ruling the world or some such... others knew it was slavery because it had, in fact, happened to them and they chose to bow down to man and not God...which is the choice. (the song conceals this)

Of those who wrote it Winwood survives Capaldi's death a few years ago due to stomach cancer... I'm sure these are "nice" guys and all, but we are in a war, and they clearly chose the side of satanism, ritual murder and the snickering dead, i.e. corpses who are as the late Father Malachi Martin called, "The Perfectly Possessed."  Street smarts of course bets on the song as a lesson in survival.  And claims that you are a fool to throw away your life, i.e. and "go another way"...... I say by caving to Queen of Babylon one has lost his life, his soul and any reason for existence whatsoever.  The world laughs at this notion of course.  Of course they do... they really do.  So for whatever reason I decided to mock this song in a podcast, here it is.  I hope you truly enjoy it, and use it to nullify the rest of the mind control and dysfunctional slaves causing you misery (temporarily) while you prove your worthiness to the Almighty Creator who loves you.


Angel of Death


"slightly" modified clarifying lyrics: If you see something that looks like a rock star and he's shooting up in the charts and your head is spinning from their mind control And you just can't escape from the demonic If you're not careful it'll happen to you They are the old-boy satanists doing rituals And the thing that you're feeling is only the sound of the mind control slaves who wrote this song The percentage of victims is too high priced while they suck all the life out of you and the man in the suit has just bought a new slave from the trauma he's put you all through But today you just swear that their conscience is dead by worshipping the Queen everyday But it wasn't the ritual that laid them to rest Was the blood spilled in their name. If you had just a minute to breathe and they granted you one final wish Would you worship Yeshua in the midst of them? Or something similar as this Don't worry too much, it'll happen to you As sure as you're given.... The Choice. But the thing that's in ruin is only the sound of the mark of mind control slaves (psychopaths....ay) The percentage of victims is too high priced while they suck all the life out of you and the man in the suit has just bought a new slave from the trauma he's put you all through But today you just swear that their conscience is dead by worshiping the Queen everyday But it wasn't the RITUAL that laid them to rest Was the blood spilled in their name.

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