1Co 15:21 For since by man came death, by man came also the resurrection of the dead. 


1Co 15:22 For as in Adam all die, even so in Yahushua ha Machiach shall all be made alive.




Notice the word again: All.


We are given to convey the oracles of Elohim YHWH, the LORD. 


For everything there is a season. 


A time to shout, a time to reflect. A time for a gentle word, a time for a harsh word of rebuke.
A time to break fellowship; and a time to rejoin in fellowship. It is a time to part from the carnal
ones and join in the mystery of YHWH…his church, not of this world, and underground, yet
exalted. Praise His holy Name, amen.


We are a process, on a journey…the Kodeshim (set apart ones) are. 


The spiritual virgins, or the firstfruits of Yahushua, the 144,000 who follow the Lamb wherever
he goeth, as in Rev. 14:4, these who go to and fro, and are supernaturally charged to put the
final conviction to the whole world, while remaining intact in glorified vessels… this remains
a mystery. One qualification is that they have never been corrupted or conformed…but set
apart from birth. There are few in the world in this category, those who follow the lamb and
have escaped the forced embrace of the Fall. 


The first Set Apart Ones


Perhaps there are barely 144,000 in the world, since Satan’s initiation (or consummation with
the Whore) is ubiquitous and required for emancipation into so-called adulthood, which is
really childhood or even babyhood spiritually. 


This is why so many who are striving to get free of the World System can only handle baby’s
milk… they do not understand in their carnal minds… emancipation (manhood) in the world
is a baby state in the spirit. An emancipated man in the world is as Esau to YHWH until he
changes—after that, he should never assume a leadership role, until he ‘grows up.’ You who
understand can hear what I say here. Others will simply become angry at the truth of this. 


YHVH’s plan for salvation is marvelous—there is no difference between the 144,000 and the
Tribulations saints… all are equal in Yahushua Messiah. All are beloved of the Lord YHWH.
There is no actual hierarchy in heaven—none. All Yah’s children are equally tethered and filled
in whatever capacity they are—restoration of angels, which is really our home from the


No station is dependent on any other. 


Let this truth be told—a set apart one has not been initiated… if he lives past his birth and
childhood, he is protected now by YHWH (no more lambs confirmed)… if you know of any
of these, then you must do what you can to protect them and help them. For in this way
you will bless the LORD. 


For in this way you will be mightily blessed. For to help these is the same as helping the Jews
in the underground in Nazi Germany. How unfortunate that these lambs of YHWH have been
hunted, scammed, lied to, tortured, incarcerated…for doing NOTHING WRONG. For no good
reason. Praise Yahushua for reaching them. 


In this way you may be helping angels in human flesh. 


In this way you are building the Kingdom of YHWH upon the earth. 


In this small (but huge) way, you tear down Satan’s world system, bit by bit. 


The world is instructed to treat these as fugitives, and their carnal anger toward God and his
children is not only widespred, but fostered in the Christian Church itself! 


It is high time we addressed this issue—so many will be disappointed, believing they are
righteous only to find out that there is still some unfinished business, and that these will
never be the firstfruits of Yahushua Messiah. So many believe they are, as they barely sin
at all, and perhaps are even spiritual eunuchs, but still there is a legal affiliation from their
youth. This is a cancer that must be excised, and this person must then finally admit his
unrighteousness in repentance, and not expect to be glorified first. A hard lesson, but a
necessary lesson. YHWH is no respecter of persons—his is a perfect system. 


As it should be, beloved. 


* * * 


Carnal man cannot win. 


I prophesy to you now, and it shall be done by the servants you do not see—those just out
of sight—that the circles of shame…i.e.. the worship of Satan in the matrix, shall be utterly
destroyed, and this you are seeing now—as the power supply is cut. There can be no power
supply if there are no more lambs in cages… for these must be released.


You will help this system collapse in the following ways:


1. Non-participation


2. Non-fear of them—if you aid the underground, YHWH will protect you so that His will is done.


3. Disrespect their words, for they are lies (even if they believe they are speaking truth—their
affiliation forces them to lie…it’s systemic, not situational)


4. Disrespect their positions…but respect their souls and the hope in Yahushua to deliver any
from this sad world condition.


5. do not break bread with these, even in your own families—yet always leave the door open
for those with repentant hearts


6. refuse to argue the things of YHWH, as they are seeking a dialectic


7. find the set apart ones and support them


8. expose those who are false (always using YHWH’s methods, as each case is different, and
no human without YHWH’s voice in his ear can conduct ministry properly)


9. do not sleep with the whore (attend churches where they teach bait and switch conformity,
take money for selling out the truth or God’s children, or yourself for that matter; be vigilant)
—these surround you


10. do not tell them a thing about yourself (keep your council private…do not seek the council
women, men, or community save for the basics of sustenance—be pure in the workplace,
remain formal and do not gossip)


You too shall be separated soon enough. 


Know the fullness of ha Mashiach is with you… that the love of YHWH Elohim is more than all
riches and false friends in the world…more than mommy or daddy…more than anything. 


When you are set apart (by YHWH, you cannot do this on your own)…you will be introduced
to others… on the path. 


Those who were broken then set apart later… those who are just coming out of the Beast
system, those who are just now waking up…having eyes to see… you are our brethren,
and we are your family. 


Note, many who are carnal (i.e. these do not hear the voice of the Lord) are as wolves
amongst many sheep. 


Act 20:29 For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among
you, not sparing the flock.


Therefore, know that all fellowship is limited. Carnal people will try to gain consensus,
and toss out the spiritual (Kodeshim) out. Be prepared for these conflicts. If the Lord
calls you to rebuke the carnal and cast them out… a rare thing indeed, but necessary
if YHWH wants to cleanse a fellowship. 


They are to be cast to the outer darkness, until they repent, which is always possible
and indeed, prayed for. 


Take this scripture to heart:


2Co 6:14 Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship
hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with


* * * 


“Christian” unbelievers


These are mind-controlled slaves of Thunlowe and most do not know it. Their minds
are split since childhood and one side does not know what the demonic side is involved
in. Steer clear. 


When they appear on the radar screen, seek YHWH for solution. It will always be
different. Wheat and tares grow together, as in Matthew 13:30, but often, we must
break fellowship to seek others in our spiritual path.


Sometimes people are on different levels and must also separate, as the Lord YHWH


For he teaches us, and he lifts us up. And he translates us… many of you are already
translated in the spirit, I have seen. I praise the Father that you are the hidden ones. 


Indeed, in these words are hidden things… those of you who hear will be ministered to
in the spirit, as these
words complete there, not here. 


* * * 


The Underground is all under the control of YHWH. You who participate in it will be
blessed, and protected, as it is the Father’s will to bring his Kingdom to earth. 


At this point in time he is clearing out the old Kingdom of Satan. This world system
is in free fall collapse and will continue to be for several years hence. 


Know that you are healed as you read this. 


Know that you are receiving holy messages in this wording, in the Spirit, given directly
by the Ruach ha Kodesh.


You will know where to go, and whom to see. 


From here on out, we will be writing words like this, as the underground is formed.
The angelic hosts complete the wordings in many cases. 


Those with ears… hear what the Spirit says to the one church





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