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Also the coming UFO CRISIS---it will not go as they plan, charlatans selling you survival gear after scaring you in Jesus Name. The Z-Manifesto: fo...View Details

My observation about so called Christian and even New Age leaders: the more INACCURATE THEY ARE, THE LARGER THEIR FOLLOWING.

Also, we delve a bit i...View Details

This talk gets us into real spiritual power--the power and authority to walk over scorpions and snakes and who is given the power: THE WISE AND PRUD...View Details

The net is what it is. I can't help it if they say they are prophets or talk to angels and are CIA agents looking to dupe people.

I took this dow...View Details

Note: the opening crafted ARRIVAL DRONE lasts until the 2:13 minute mark, and then things get decidedly nightmarish in a way.

I introduce the piec...View Details

This is definitely a cleaning up period. Inspired by Charles Spurgeon and commentary about the Holy Spirit. Also discussed are today's false proph...View Details

Time travel, space travel, portals into other dimensions, the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN NOW (a la Satan), i.e. dimensional portals humans enjoy while souls ...View Details

Pretty self-explanatory. With the Vatican offering up the DISCLOSURE of UFO SPACE BROTHERS being superior to us and walking more "closely with the ...View Details

Non-religious talk about the really really sh**ty state of the USA. While some are praising the past 20 years of American might and power, we absol...View Details

Basically a talk about the world and the healing salvational power of the Blood of the Lamb. Without Redemption, all souls are condemned--just the ...View Details

I'll let the title speak for itself. Jesus is the Enigma who heals, hence Enigmata. Today is no exception. Also geopolitics discussed and the bra...View Details

Messian Dread visits Zeph and as podcasts of the past, the conversation flows from spiritual warfare, to music, to issues of mind control, satanic s...View Details

This is called #1 because that's what it is. Prophetic healing is now unveiled, and today establishes the healing tradition of Jesus, and then goes...View Details

Ah, we went up against Babylon's PHONY REVIVAL, FALSE PROPHECY movement. Some were with us in this battle, others divided. Still, the phony reviva...View Details

Angelic ministries, storehouses in heaven, various Elijahs, William Branham, KC False Prophet movement, Toronto Airport, Prophecy Club... just about...View Details

NR goes all the way to Sri Lanka to catch with our brother in Christ, GOVINDA. It's an amazing conversation on the spiritual. You would think we w...View Details

Brother Thomas brings his list of predictions to the table--so far, his predictions have all come due. So now these predictions take us to 2012. I...View Details

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