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Each week it's comedy--today is no exception. I hope you have as much fun listening as we had being on air. Peace and Joy be yours. Z


One thing we know, anger, resentment, hate, lack of forgiveness kills the spiritual walk. Many pretend to love everybody but are utter fakes harboring...View Details

There is no VIRTUAL church going on, as the Newsweek article imagines, but the REAL ministering of the SPIRIT IN THE SPIRITUAL PLANES of our hearts. H...View Details

We watched the market meltdown and speculated once again -- slo-motion end of civilization.... Frankie's theory of baking, and more.

Or I should say polemical world -- i.e. there are opposites but no real way out. The way of man is proven a FOLLY--in recent times but people cling to...View Details

No, Christlikeness is being wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove--not a fool, but willing to be called a fool and still minister in love to those in...View Details


A READING IN LAMENTATIONS should bring about healing understanding of Who God Is. And How God is Anathema To Society, yet nothing happens unless it is...View Details

WE ONLY GOT TO 45 MINUTES BECAUSE OF Z'S HEALTH ISSUES AND A COLLAPSE AT THE 45 MIN MARK. and In this one I was pretty sick with cold and fever and so I just let it all hang out....View Details

Also I go into the banking crisis--and why it must fail (as they forgot to help the borrower who creates economy.... how their plan is 100% backwards....View Details

The word flows from the Creator through this podcast to you. Day of Wrath defined: Not for the lambs. Who are here to witness and do the Lord's work. ...View Details

They will put a happy face on all this to keep people hanging on, when in actuality there are plans afoot to roll out a new order, a new system.... it...View Details

THIS IS THE SHOW FOR WHR, AND I AM RELEASING IT EARLY FOR YOU. It gets pretty dramatic watching the stock market tank before our eyes, and realizing w...View Details

CAN’T PLEASE JAH BY ZEPH DANIEL Can't Please Jah by lots of things, but we can please Him by being obedient to his commandments and His spiri...View Details

Fantastic talk with Messian Dread who had been on hiatus from the ministry and music, now returning in October full tilt. The featured song, played in...View Details

The biggest, most breathtaking collapse of civilization is happening globally as man's system, built on sand, sinks into the forgotten desert. In the ...View Details

There were potentially 2 suicides, and one directly related to the financial situation--and more to be reported. What is interesting to note in terms ...View Details

John 15:19 If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefo...View Details

SPIRIT MYSTERY LOGOS Composed, performed, recorded by Zeph Daniel About the music: I am finding a kind of empty somber tone, but also alive with my...View Details

GUESTS: John Butera and Mike Horsey. We discuss the good news of the spiritual truth about THEIR system failing and what it means for the lost, and al...View Details

With Trish, Luke et al.

There is no way that the money-grubbing satanists can solve their banking system--as it is the way of man, as in Proverbs 14:12, and Jeremiah 17:9, an...View Details

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