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Well, think about this interview next time you watch television, and KNOW what people must do to be "in"... now they are going for the push--definite ties between the leftist-Marxist push for global order and Satanism in Hollywood/Washington, involving murder, pedophilia and crimes of the most unthinkable sort.

How do we as a society tolerate these criminals, why are they above the law?


Arm yourselves, survivors of satanic ritual abuse are widespread and many silenced by those around them.

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1 hour 40 minute conversation of one of the most prolific authors and commentators on the occult and one of the most fervant ministers of Jesus Christ you will hear--Pat Holliday of

Also check out for Pat's newest articles and newsletters.

Gmail for Dr. Pat is:

You can subscribe there.

Warning: Get prayed up before you listen to this.

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Judy continues as an ongoing guest on the Zeph Report. We have been friends for years. I have watched her come into healing and a fearless spiritual warrior, an inspiration to us all. She has been a guest on the Frank Whalen Show and the Prophetic Watch with Ronnie McMullen.

Main Link for Judy

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A continuation of the constant flow of words where I left off five days ago...

John 10:7 Then said Jesus unto them again, Verily, verily, I say unto you, I am the door of the sheep.

John 10:8 All that ever came before me are thieves and robbers: but the sheep did not hear them.

Here is a word from Jesus directly--you, children of light, of Jesus Christ the Lord, DID NOT HEAR ALL THE RELIGIONS OF THE PAST... or all the speakers, or all the world threw at you. You only heard Jesus.

Current geopolitics, the sorry state of the USA with respect to Marxist stooges in the White House and more.

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I can't really put into words the vast resource and friend we have in Barbara Marcati, health, books, God...

Consider this a continuation of the talk with Govinda from Sri Lanka, who just left a visitation with Barbara and crew on North Haven, Connecticut.

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YOU WANT TO GET IT? You want some fire? Tired of the same old rut? Check Brother Govinda out. So Drop Out, what can man create without God: Answer--NADA.

Why is the world like this?

Waiting for you to see how you are holding it back from destruction, how God uses you.

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We figure it out, and view the complete destruction of economy and futures of people... save for those working for the gov'ment...

I really can't go into it here in text--I'm still talking to Frankie while writing this and we're thinking is there a way out... nada. We're all gonna go through it.

Godspeed. Z

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TOPIC: Iran and the problem of US Hegemony and Empire.

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An energized show with author and radio host Ronnie McMullen--covering aliens, multidimensionality, dark forces, Christ force, talk radio today, fearmongering, Jesus Christ and the potential of unlocking the doors of possibility to greater works--and more... and predictive feelings of a possible future.

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Now this is a topic I hate to indulge, but no choice... it's got to be said. Those who make false predictions and say it's a word from the Lord, like the nuke attack for Oct 11, and those who say they are spiritual people who then dive into that meat, and chew it for public consumption, can cause brothers and sisters to lose faith, and thus these do a tremendous diservice by bringing Jesus into the mix in a wrong-headed move to use hyped up lies to sell their wares or boost ratings.

Internet xtian conspiracy radio is then blasted over airwaves like WWCR, KU band satellite, podcasts etc... hyped up and infused with all kinds of leverage from Yahweh Himself no less, and when the prediction is wrong, again and again, reduce themselves to the psychic phone network, World Weekly News and other fringe and idiotic publications.

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It was not a depression--it was a planned destruction of the US and global economy, for the purpose of destroying Capitalism, and implementing the global Marxist State, which is what some had referred to as the New World Order. Many years in the making...

Michael Horsey of International Collectors Associates and Don McAlvany is my guest, discussing all this and of course is a source for protecting assets from the further destruction of the US dollar... 1-800-525-9556, ext 105.

Still reason for hope, and much to do against this onslaught--Marxists are Satan's army.

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The picture is fairly self-explanatory. The USA is in the hands of those who wish to punish and destroy the people and make an example to the whole world not to ever yearn for freedom or challenge the oligarchs. The Children of God should fight evil to sanctify the fight. Communism is the biggest attack on God of all, and the infiltrators have been here, and now their global plan is ready. The NWO is simply the old line Communism. And is anti-individual, and anti-freedom. It may be too late.

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"A global government is merely the political expression of the metaphysical monism that originated with Gnosticism and the ancient Mystery religions. The Enlightenment provided the conceptual and philosophical segue for the transposition of metaphysical monism into a sociopolitical context. Whether the globalist realizes it or not, their mandate to create "one world" merely reiterates the occult contention that "all is one." While many sociopolitical Utopians (e.g., Marxists, secular humanists, communists, fascists, etc.) relegate texts such as the Biblical Eden account to mere myth, an Edenic motif remains firmly embedded within their own Weltanschauung. In the beginning of this secular mythology, Eden was a singularity, which was eventually divided into countless pluralities by the Big Bang." - excerpt from Phillip Collins article.

Use the excellent Collins brothers articles against all your Marxist satanist professors. smiley

Bless. Z

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Prophetically, it's the resumption of spiritual warfare manifested in all ways... Z reads hate mail (also resuming, and necessary for the titillation factor), Trish joins, Frankie comes in on a skype phone... and is his usual charming self. It's a wonderful reunion--and it's BACK. Let the chips fall where they may. Praise God.

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General discussion about a wide array of urgent topics--communism, patriot-truth shill radio, earth changes and more. Jeff has been a frequent guest of The Zeph Report in the past and has headed up his own radio show, "Shortwave-Wars" for Christian Media Network and the Threshing Floor.

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Make no mistake about it... these people will kill you. Now in the highest sections of government--radical Maoists like Anita Dunn are giving speeches in public schools, laced with propaganda and threats to free speech.

But it's worse than imagined. All it really needs to succeed is a really good emergency crisis. People must be spiritually prepared. The power of Yahveh-Yahshua is the only way of threading the needle.

Brother Thomas states that they have essentially won. Just as they did in Christian Russia.

Please use the word 'Communist' rather than vague terms like fascist or even left wing... much more succinct... please also see the atrocities of Mao tse tung.


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Prelude to talk-radio talk, once again. In this podcast Z discusses the state of the threat against America and the world... the dupes on Internet Radio, conspiracy radio, and other distractions...the part of left wing communists in 911 truth, Jew hating, Christian bashing and more. Prelude to Brother Thomas and Jeff Cross in successive transmissions.

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Talk about outta control. Trish reads letters from listeners, while Z continues his libertatarian rant against the Marxist government of the United States, slamming the patriot movement, 911 truth et al as leftist, and playing Barat's THROW THE JEW DOWN THE WELL... or an excerpt anyway. I.e. it doesn't take long for the New Ager to attack the Jew, and of course the Christian and Muslim and anyone else he or she doesn't like. Or feels needs "RETRAINING".

I am showing early signs of senility or some neurological brain disease--long gaps between thoughts, but it could just be me trying to figure out the mixer again.

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And other themes discussed in casual format. For avid listeners you will recall the word I got re Sarah Palin, when everybody said she would go home a failed vp candidate and bake cookies. Now confirmed re, Barnes and Noble, and her economic policy talk in Hong Kong recently.

America's freedom was hard fought and hard won. Integrity and vigilance keeps it--corruption and decadence has lost it somewhat. The main message here is--this is almost off the cliff, and if you have any yearning for freedom within your bones, now is the time to be heard. To become active... allow the Holy Spirit to guide in Jesus Name always... into whatever battle front you are to serve in.

I don't think this thing is over yet.

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We keep circling around it -- I must make a correction, can one love the Lord and be serving Satan... a logical impossibility--though I do cut some people some slack, perhaps it's a plea for these to return to their first love. Especially the "famous" xtians.

1Jn 5:16 If any man see his brother sin a sin which is not unto death, he shall ask, and he shall give him life for them that sin not unto death. There is a sin unto death: I do not say that he shall pray for it.

2 hours 20 minutes without a break my friends... time seemed to contract, certainly it felt like about an hour. Anyway, more food for thought, and the soul.

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Saul, Absolom and David had much in common... human beings have anointings from the Lord despite their corruption. How many times do we say one we don't approve of is of the devil and that the gifts they are operating under are of the devil EVEN THOUGH WE DO NOT KNOW EXACTLY, thus making us blasphemers?

It's a conundrum--the remedy? Brokenness.

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Hard one to swallow, but if you are eternal you have always been eternal and therefore know everything one in eternity would know--alignment with Holy Yahweh through Jesus Christ is Truth, is Eternity, Is the Image of God.

Before this revelation, I meander a bit from topic to topic, attempting to avoid my anger at the atheist patriot movement upheld by the carnival barking fringe internet media.

Meditation on the Word, On the Breath "Yah"..."Veh"... on prayer, alignment, elimination of our dramas... true stewardship i.e. becoming a vessel in the will of Creator... actually it isn't hard at all, it's natural if you're not so goal oriented in your faith. Faith is natural, not something to be strained or strived for.

Pax Eternae. Z

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"You have to fight these people every day of your life." - Anonymous

This podcast was intended to be a drive-time talk, and turned into an ordered further exposing of satanica, the satanic elite, satanic games, government serving satanica and then...

How to live despite the fact that people are so unappreciative of themselves, creation, their gifts, their lives and especially their souls... how quickly they throw them away and persecute the separate, that is, all those who have chosen the path of Christ (whether consciously or as yet unconsciously or are chosen or are just by default not a collectivist soul, but a sovereign soul made in the image of Yahweh).

A bit of riffing in the spirit, I think it will help you.

It helped me


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PART 2 ... really in a sense an ongoing dialogue... some plans for the future include consolidating the Zeph Report to a website as a hub and blog, and resuming interviews--more of a web-radio presence in the future.. it's a long distance race, and not good to be burned our or in a rut going into this electrifying sped-up warfare intense time period.

Shalom Z

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