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I had tried a couple times to upload this, with no success. I had written lots of great things in this abstract so you'd know what it was about. F...View Details

In going for the next installment of the Rhema, Jesus did away with Judaism and all traditional religions by becoming the all in all for human being...View Details

No description necessary.


January 19, 2010 03:51 AM PST You almost did not get this transmission. You almost did not receive this word.

It's just the next Rhema.


We are all addicts...

Of anger, lust, covetousness, judgmentalism, materialism, IDOLOTRY, closed minded, closed hearted, etc etc.

If a person ha...View Details


Marked for death, rejoicing in persecution...

What do these two things have in common?

Marked, tagged, separation of sheep and goats, lambs and ...View Details

I do go into some history of early Christianity's influence on Taoism and Buddhism and dispel some of the rumors that it was only later missionaries...View Details

And here is the parasitical problem: they see you, Lamb of God, as a big light and they drain that light, or battery, for themselves... and so you'r...View Details

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