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I edited out some of what I had to say about Socialism and Communism, preferring really to not take on the role of an educator in this process. People have their own opinions, but mine is based on the Constitution of the US and the Bible.

Enough said, I felt the need to talk a bit about the unfolding events, and still there is a lot to say as we watch and try to keep our bearings. z

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POWERPACKED ZFNT then joined by the amazing Frank Whalen, and I think we actually get up to date on the news cycle and spiritual warfare... I felt a point of rest at the end.


get involved, help keep Frank on the air!

Shalom Z

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Talking and really processing my discovery of alkalinity and acidity---and how this applies to life, to the things of the spirit and reflects perfectly the teachings of Jesus.

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Will people believe the God of the Bible is the person He says He is?

NO. No one seems to take HIM seriously...

So I read from Jonathan Edwards' SINNERS IN THE HANDS OF AN ANGRY GOD

We have finally come to a crossroads in this ministry and audio blog...

We either accept God as He is, or reject God, and the Bible...

Further, we need to doubly reject--if We accept God AS HE IS--ALL WHO LIE OR TRY TO CHANGE WHAT SCRIPTURE SAYS ABOUT WHO GOD IS.

Jonathan Edwards the witch hunter and the writer... many hard questions posed.

Gird up before listening.

Shalom z

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Dealing with the real sticking point--i.e. world v God, no wiggle room.

Mind control, Hell doctrines, church doctrines, frightening people on the say so of fallen pastors...

Real delusion, actual grace--the actual NATURE OF JESUS.


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The Financial Apocalypse live on WWCR, and podcasted on THE ZEPH REPORT

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Lines loaded, was it funny? Can it help? Frankie says: "Just wait till unemployment checks are no longer coming"...

Putting the best face on this we can... but definitely the TIMES are here, as predicted.. and for years we predicted such a time... NOW IS TO COPE.

Laughter is good. z

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I am on the road and delivering words via digital recorder... re the Battle over the last month, those who STALK... some predictive aspects to this one as well.

Gird thy loins... battle fierce.

And the lambs suddenly go UP, big.

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Yes, once through the mirror, they can speak the same words as you, re God and Jesus and prayers and so forth, but they are not meaning the same thing, not to your God...but to their God.

Now, God and Satan are not opposites except in this configuration since the MIRROR IS AN ILLUSION AND DELUSION...2 Thess 2:11-12 etc etc....

Yes, lizards are among us and those who become LIKE THEM are also here trying to run things as usual including internet "Remnant" (now a cliche and joke term) of XTIANITY.

The broadcast begins with a VISION about Yellowstone. No time limit, not necessarily a prediction... and not wanting to fall into THAT CLICHE... like so many others over the years. Nothing really surprises me in terms of God's will being done, defying the old physics, and giving power to the words spoken as physical objects.


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Perhaps the title says it all. One tidbit, I inherited a copy of Morals and Dogma, with the inscription to return upon death... either it belonged to my father or grandfather, both deceased. Masons make up much of the structure of the SUDS... SUDS are noted in Christianity as gangstalkers and spiritual curse throwers, using Jesus name, which would be the name of Satan through the mirror.

So good to be with you, once again... seems some don't want this love affair to continue! z

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ZnFRANKIEnTRISH MELTDOWN... then Randy Maugans joins Z in a bad 'tude dark day... thanks to whammy throwers, would be witches and the world shitstem.

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This is purely spiritual Rhema and a happening in the spirit during the podcast... Tagged are those assigned to listen in, to follow you around, etc... tagged are those who would exchange Jesus for 5 minutes of fame.. YEP THERE REALLY ARE A FEW...

hate to be them right at this moment!


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Yes, it's not just HUMANS, or the FALL OF MAN, it's NATURE, in the air, and the physics of winning and losing, the zero sum game, which is an ILLUSION that leads its players to destruction and eternal torment.

Shalom z

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Hard to describe--more specifically about the dead people that populate the earth and the way of the system of death, and how Satan's plans are all thwarted, horrifying the people who used to wield power upon the earth. Big talk, big ideas, and BIG RHEMA in the second half...

easy, no.

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WE cover the geopolitical events with ribald comedy and community, this time hooking up with a couple of blokes downunda -- Barry and Paul... trust me you'll laugh out loud at some of this. z

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All I can say is listen. He was the only one I know who spoke of GangStalking, Communism and gave us the framework for what we would see come in. Some might say New World Order... today Brother Thomas predicts massive slave communities where all humans are surveilled 24/7... increase in gangstalking exponentially, and targeting all who do not comply. More to me like Orwell's 1984.


For the new song:

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