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Be true to your calling! Can't emphasize that enough. We are moving!


If you want podcasts from NO RELIGIONISTAS or THE ZEPH REPORT

(No Religionistas)

Grab them before Jan 1, 2011, as we are consolidating into one podcast.

Shalom LOVE, Z

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ZR 284 - “VOUS NOT TU”

It is sometimes hard when the Lord breaks us...then to obey--but to what end to we disobey? To that of being killed?

What is right for me is clearly not right for you, and VICE VERSA.

We should not apply what is right for us to all Christendom if we can help it--if we can be JUST A BIT LESS ARROGANT!

But we won't. We cannot police ourselves, this is a sad conclusion I have had to make.

This is the last podcast on The Zeph Report as I am being obedient to my calling. Another will begin I have no doubt.

I would save any and all podcasts if they are pertinent on both the Zeph Report and No Religionistas, as changes are occurring here and we have to tighten our belts.

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Be more like reckless abandon... don't be careful, guarded... do not show you care what the world thinks... it destroys the walk in the spirit.

Internet Xtianity is DEAD. Proclaimed here reluctantly.

But you don't have to be.. I don't have to be. What has happened to us over the last few years... we got lost.. caring, careful, asking God for stupid things, like winning something in the world, a prize, a trinket... it's BS--ALL OF IT DESTROYS.

Look, don't get mad at me for this word--I address MYSELF as much as you. We are all in this together.

Shalom! z

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It's really coming to a great divide: those going in the Spirit and Yeshua's secret church, and those again trying to control people through Christian leaders (note my take on Glenn Beck's apostasy and attempt at control).

Gosh, it's really strong--what is right, what is wrong, what is of Yahweh, what is not, which way to go, which way not to go... like my novel LAMB.


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Language is backwards, humanity is mentally ill as a result...

Freedom is forward language and concepts...

Also contained herein is a word for certain leaders over innocent children of God, now corrupted (see Matthew 18:6)--these will not they believe they do God's will--God has shut the door on these. They can utter repenting words from here till doomsday and they will have their part in Second Death, and as the Rich Man begging Lazarus. It's a word I don't like to put out there--but you know it in your heart... those Christian leaders are antichrist--they have already chosen Satan, Bondage, Death, with Money too as yet another god they worsip--and chosen hell and bondage unfortunately for their flocks... alas, the flocks WILL COME OUT and be free... these leaders will see the prostitutes and children they've harmed and even footsoldiers repent and be accepted, delivered, saved, glorified and free...while their prayers and cries of agony are ignored-- this stands for all time... do not ever, ever do harm to God's children...if you want to be a fake, try acting.

Do not go into ministry if you refuse to follow Christ but remain conformed to the world instead--as this is considered the most evil..... notice too in this audio that others the world considers evil are not on the prophetic docket.

Shalom Z

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They are dead in their tracks, those who come against Jah Children.

This was recorded 2 hours before Z LIVE, which is up now... and looks at the opening of the new consciousness for those who relinquish fear (or for that matter relinquish all to Yeshua).

Spiritual Warfare, UFO's explained again. z

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You will love this podcast.

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I begin with irresponsible fear mongers and the UFO xtian crowd, fear-based consciousness and attachments to all mind control on the Net... a horrid way to live by the way...

And eventually we get to the key to ending ADDICTION... as hard as I have fought the Lord, this is the only method that worked for me... and it works on all things.

Shalom z

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I have seen it hurt a good many GOOD PEOPLE, who do love the Lord but are lost in their fears....

The gulf oil spill was a very good example... here is something that reliable prophetic voices were calming on, despite the utter hysteria that the fake Christians were spouting (as prophecy), re millions dying from methane... turns out this was a very well managed HOAX, in a way, a planned disaster.

But few Christians took heed, they went with the hysteria and then became hysterical about everything -- the sun activity is another thing, weather, military, USA and the world--nearly all the news IS FEAR BASED.

We must wean ourselves off this and walk in HIS LIGHT and work while there is still time.

So this is a reminder to me and you... no fear based anything in the Kingdom.

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Comes down to our conscious state of effort... our effort or God's effort?

Many saints have done marvelous work but something is wrong--they are miserable, bitter, angry... as Jeremiah in Lamentations, they feel persecuted unfairly but put up with it because that would please God while at the same time rendering us enemies of God (because it's us not him).

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So HE knows all things. We exist then in THE PAST. God knew what Adam and Eve would do---HE MADE THEM TO DO WHAT THEY DO.

Thus Bible teaching is HOPELESSLY FLAWED.

and more.........

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