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Tune in to ZFnT from the LIVE WWCR FEED...

and in the midst of this YHWH brings JUSTICE to the upside down and backwards satanic realm of earth today.... SOON means next... judgment.  The w...View Details


FEATURING A MANGLING OF TWO VERSIONS OF MAD WORLD, from Gary Jules and Tears for Fears.   This deals with history, the end of society, frustration...View Details

IN LOOKING BACK I SEE how God has ordained my steps, every last one.  How everything was accomplished, while I moaned and groaned of being not goo...View Details


YES, people are desperate... Iran hit?  Not yet.

Hey, remember my word: NOT YET ?  turns out that was pretty darned accurate.

Remember the word:...View Details


WORLD V INDIVIDUAL?  JAMES 4:4... friend of world, enemy of God.  Period.  And some good news about coping with the Leviathan intrusion.

I look at it from a bunch of different angles and now even have different views of what I have seen... I delve into senior retirees being re-structure...View Details

Just hit play... I can't explain this.  I am a living witness to something ordained and revealed.... at the same time, it's an ancient thing, and ...View Details

Set out on the journey to find out why the LORD made us and made this world and allows so much suffering... why the split between good and evil, l...View Details


WE DID NOT HAVE THE BANDWIDTH TO PRODUCE A GOOD SHOW... so here it is in podcast form!... I am lamenting about the collapsing world.  It's horrible to...View Details

A needed talk about the legal issue of existence, a word for Franklin Graham, and a total overview of the evil of Disney... as we visited there two da...View Details


I don't know that when people fight and die to defend a paid parking lot called America where no one is free to go and do and think and be is a va...View Details

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