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Tin Soldier

Tin Soldierby Zeph DanielI’m not a doormatsticking aroundI’m no tin soldierfighting for groundI see, I bleed, I want to come homeI’m home, got homethe...View Details

Yes, Govinda! Faith is strong. A price yes, if you help childern you go to jail in this world.

SO... the world is far more evil than anyone ever thought possible.

So the empires of the world are based on slavery. Not enough are fighting back... why? Follow the slave $$$$

Wow, Calamity

Epic fails.


Today we pray for many things: Joining us are Violet, John, Amelia, Patrick, Charles, Govinda, Trish and yours truly.

The Big Clash Soon

The unsealing of defendant Weiner exhibit A is real.

Not 100% verified but.....

Lies and truth in conspiracyland.


Intergalactic Nowhere

What’s happening at 2:41 AM

Gangstalking, Mandela Effect, Human Trafficking, witchcraft and spiritual warfare -- topics.


Reflection on the horrors.

Oh, you pinch me now... Under total pressure to somehow hang in or modify the agreement, Trump pulls out or Iran deal boldly. More on the spiritiual ...View Details

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