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So many seem lost to me at this point. Should be just the opposite.

Is a civil war really a revolutionary war?

The New Age

Wheat and Tares, dark and light...the Luciferians are not done...cannibal redux.


The Hatred Of Trump

The spiraling out of control crisis.

Nobody can stop.

A very strange dream of the end of days.

Protecting Trafficking

A prelude to war.

Prayer 20 minutes on the 20th of each month to end human trafficking and modern day slavery by 2020. We have come a long way, but the other side, in ...View Details

You all know Amelia from the 20 on 20 Show. Both she and Lotus Justice have been involved in exposing government corruption and rescuing children from...View Details


Human Trafficking, casting couch, murder... how far does the trail go? Also, world peace. A talk with Hollywood Insider Mitch Santell.

Toward Yahuah - 432 hz

Basically experimenting and thinking about the Almighty Creator. This is essentially synth orchestral with Indian percussion.

The Adrenochrome Follies

Ezekiel 5:10, Isaiah 9:19-20, Deut. 18:10People wonder when there will be eradication? How many are addicted to blood, to human trauma and sacrifice....View Details

GODSOUND - 432 hz

GODSOUND - 432 hz by Zeph Daniel

Talk To Me Baby

Talk To Meby Zeph DanielI wanna knowI’d like to see youwhen you decideyou’ve had enough of the—ah ah ah ah ah ah You’re crazy as a loonWant you to kno...View Details

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