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Groups are Infiltrated

All groups. No exception.

God News - Prophetica

Sharing a word on war. A lot of you have shared amazing insights. My talk with Rigo yesterday. The world is divided into good buys and bad guys. G...View Details

Heal Line

It’s happening now.

Touch Not Mine Anointed

The peril that America is in due to wickedness is off the charts. Either repent or... it ends. More on spiritual warfare--as in don't take credit fo...View Details

We cover the issues and pray for awareness of human trafficking and the end of human trafficking.

Loss of a Daughter

For those who knew Francesca or heard me speaking about her. This is an update.


Kellie Rowley and Zeph DanielProd. by Zeph Daniel

There is what is, then there is what we can handle.

Sunshine After Destructo

A unique, nearly experimental take on rock tune.

Over When It’s Over

Looks like Trump is overrun, but the tables are turning.... suspense!

War and Dead Cat Revival

Jesus is nearly extinct due to America’s God haters.


Spiritual warfare and miracles. Testimony.

An update to our prior Pod, from New Mexico ***live***

It’s there to stop X.

Govinda Tidball, founder of Human 2020.

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