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It's pretty clear to any observer that the world is Satan, and that maximum evil rules the earth today. God must destroy -- they will never get their...View Details

It’s about to get REAL

Talking about Exec orders regarding the restoration of the United States and unrest that would cause...if...IF we have the gumption to do so.  Also, w...View Details

As the title implies.  

It’s about to get REAL

Trump may well end our continuing state of Obama emergency with one of his own. Oh, you surprised CIA Chriistine might not show up?

Seems every witch on earth is throwing the death ray at those on the other side. Yes society is based on the occult, on witchcraft and evil doing. A...View Details

Fire - from Spreaker

More on the word 'complacency' and the divide and political struggle in the USA.  

In the throes of the Jezebel spirit and in the walk with Jesus it means control through using the Bible, religion, anything.  If you walk your own wal...View Details


Spirit awakening...

And a followup on the confirmed word: complacency.

A lot for our group to pray about. The world is on the brink of chaos and war, moreso than at any other time.

Prayer warriors, Sept. 20th group meet--God's will be done.


Fun with drums.  

Just a lament on the violence today. Let’s Not Kill Each Other, BrotherLyrics by Zeph Daniel Why we bicker over all these differencesWhy you wanna tel...View Details

Re the ugly political process.  Also what is true redemption?  

I’m Not Your Experimentby Zeph DanielAn experiment…. I am not your little lab ratan experimentInsaneAnti-HumanAnti-LifeI fought you all my lifeYou com...View Details

Answers - Always

Prayer changes things - and a couple of global things have changed since praying last two days. Even here on the ZR.

Answers - Always

Prayer in the hands of those in Christ is a weapon of mass change in the world.  Never give up, always pray.  

The Human Electrical Grid

Using the Body Human and other biological entities to completing a power and control grid over all the earth.  Jesus is the antidote.  

I’m Not Your Experiment

Basically cyber targeting and beyond...   

The Human Electrical Grid

What they have created, a plasma involving all living things... also coach Z talks about really getting into prayer and action.

Targeting on social media, paid trolls, propaganda, separating of friends, banning, censoring, hacking, gaslighting, etc etc.... GOD HELP US. Most do...View Details

The Lamb Is God

Jesus is The Lamb. God bless those who seeing can actually see and know. #HealingSession

Relief or Wrath?

Wrath of God? Answer to prayer?

The Lamb Is God

Jesus is The Lamb. God bless those who seeing can actually see and know. #HealingSession

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