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Just researching, and no one seems to understand exactly how it perpetuates in such a multilateral way.

All scripted... so we have the opening Bomb Hoax, then a real live shooting... and--Can Trump stop them from what's next?   I also talk about an upcom...View Details

Latest on spiritual warfare, targeted prayer and a spirit talk.  

Confronting the enemy in the spiritual dimensions and in the earth.  Pray in God's will.  

Live: Human 20 on 20

Praying worldwide to end human trafficking and modern day slavery...

NONE OF IT IS REAL. After the bomb hoax, many preidcted live shooting.. yes, so the next move is.... The kings of terror in full mode before midterms...View Details

Satan's grip on USA.Fluid reality... It's like a dream of God and a dream of His Creation dreaming one another. Bomb Props and TOTAL LOCK DOWN MIND C...View Details

Soul Scalping, whole communities. Black magic meets beyond human technology to pull off the scalping of millions of new souls.


Oct 20 EDITION. Talking about issues and praying with the group and worldwide.

Blessings to YOU ON HIGH. All of Heaven Breaks Open, Rush to Angelic Warfare - ultimate.

Concerning the state of the occultic world.  

Harm City - Final Mix

It's been a process... but finally I'm at a final. This will be going on a compilation so had to really focus in on each beat and note. I've been as...View Details

Harm City - Final

Yep, this is a final mix on this drum led instrumental.   Thanks for listening.

Just a perspective on internet bondage.

The Internet Ghetto of Death. The MULTI dimensional FRAUD and gangstalking those who SEE. #Jesus

Harm City - Alt

Update of the instrumental. Few fixes.

Harm City - Zeph Daniel

I play keys and drums on this instrumental.

Harm City

Updated!... Track featuring me on drums and keys. 

The spiritual walk and the hazards therein.  

As the title implies.... 

To overcome.....

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