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No Expiration

Constant flux. Those with Yahusha never see death. Isaiah 54:17 No weapon formed against thee shall prosper.

The coming hyperclash.

Our prayer group, Dec 20 edition.

It’s Always Changing

Worlds... as the world is ending it’s just the beginning for us.

Time Window

Where we are headed. Confirmation on prior pods.

Suicide No

Suicide no.

MK Society

God bless the survivors and fighters.

Some insights as I have been researching and writing.  

To align with God is better than to fight or project.

Continuing the prayer war against injustice of Human Trafficking.  With Govinda Tidball ( 

You know Kellie as a musician and fab singer, but you may not realize she is a master potter too. Custom cups with encouraging Bible scriptures beauti...View Details

The Gifting - The Change

"I wil cleanse the land,".... and "I will bless my people"A collision of opposites. Prayer is answered, things are changing. Do you long for Jesus our...View Details

Forces and Devils

God bless the survivors and fighters.

MK Society

What I've just seen is too much.

A look ahead. The promise of Rev 12. The Red Dragon.

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