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The Summation Summit

Ever changing views on what to focus on, how to live, how to see, and assessment.

One of the best Bible minds I know is Mike Horsey, so I will be asking him what he thinks about God's timing on the End of All Things and other topics...View Details

It's about time we had a frank talk about the Civil War that we are in and make some speculation about what will happen in our lives. The Civil War c...View Details

Things continue to not add up in terms of what reality is.

The 20th of every month

One of us does a genius movie and no one sees it? No. Required viewing for all lambs, sparks, ones with souls still intact--Google buried this one. ...View Details

Witchhcraft, gangstalking, bullying, spiritual warfare.

Secret societies and factions of criminal orders have ruled the world for millenia. Now unraveling.

National Emergency

More on cosmic game if chicken

The Real Wall they don't tell you about -- no one says a thing as you go down down down, narry a helping hand, ever.

I've seen the depths of sorrow and the heights of the living God.

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