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They lose, that's all.

Connected to–

There is a darkness in the world that I have no seen before.


Technical work arounds....

20 ON 20 with Govinda, Charles, Patrick, Amelia, Violet, John, Trish and yours truly! Time to finish ths thing.

When all is revealed.

Sorry for the tech difficulties.

“Oh that’s not happening, you need help”.........

On the road. In FLA. briefly. Quiet time. Before daybreak.

Fire No Game

Early late night commentary.

Episode 1390 - The Road

The Christ road. To healing.


Update spiritual aspects in time.

Lorian Transformed

Under abusive trauma based mind control, she is turned slowly into a doll to be trafficked to high paying clients offshore.

The Haunted Texas House

A possible cue for a movie.

The spiritual implication of State sponsored murder. Prophetic markers.

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