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Witchcraft on Top

Way to go, America! Witchcraft is the numero uno growing religion! And I can tell you what that means. I know most people are too stupid to compreh...View Details



Delusion! Satan gives us drugs, alcohol and suicide. The Abuser has no power over the children of God thoughy. It's false. It's wrong It is absolu...View Details

Not Ours - Zecharia 4:6

It's amazing how many years I spent fghting everything and not undersrtanding this word. This will help, me thinks. Welcome.

"Later, knowing that all was now completed (teleō), and so that the Scripture would be fulfilled (teleioō), Jesus said, "I am thirsty" ... When he had...View Details

AS ALWAYS ON THE 20TH! Everyone is here, let's roll.

But the plans of the wicked one are constantly thwarted, proving the truth, the true POWER.

NOTRE DAME. JESUS SURVIVES. Take your pic of how absurd the absurd world leaders are, killing Christians, burning churches and persecuting Jews. Th...View Details

Where does it begin? Elites and Celebs? This will be a conspiracy for a long long time.

At the Division End

Like fissures in a dam. We've come the end of YouTube and social media as valid news and info delivery services.


How much is ignorance and how huch is intentional. Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.

He Went The Distance

God throughout history. Always wins.


Quit making me feel sorry for your clown act.

Oh, yeah, you notice anything they destroy all credibility.

They won't succeed so long as we understand it's the Lord's fight, not ours. More on suicide and spiritual warfare

Join us for what the Lord brings.


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