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Gangstalking, DEWs, Human Trafficking, Corruption, Poisoning aross all human civilization.

So.... the exposers are involved in coverups? More on this.

haha, flying over the target, plane shot out pretty good. Feeling the presence of the Almighty! Grapes of Blessing. John 15:1-8

They Don’t Know

You just talk past each other.

On the rise. Could be portentious of a collapse of civilization. Every so often they come back. Truth is, we don't need entertainment. We don't n...View Details

Had To Let It Go

The line between victimhood and activism and walking free, or LINES I should say. The lines here and there.

May 20, 2019: human trafficking, spiritual warfare, satanic ritual abuse, etc....

The most amazingly unique and experimental beyond Zappa et al you will ever hear. 2019 ain't all bad, tune in live!!

Confined Layers Deep

Jesus breaks slavery ties. Seriously.

At the molecular level.

Invisible Tonight

For the targeted..............

Go Invisible

wrote a song along these lines too..

Need I say more? Frankie will explain about our shortwave exploits.

And about his new project: "Donald Trump Vs. The Werewolves" !! Just think how that would piss off those with Trump Derangement Syndrome! About Trum...View Details

They want our hides. Thought Police.

Slight Preview

This is something you might relate to. Very electronic synth oriented and wild. With some words from moi.


Good news you can disappear or fly under the radar for now.

War in Bread and Circus

If war, rely on God for deprogramming. #Mind

Coping with the fact you're still damaged.

Psalm 34:18 Yahweh is near to those who have a broken heart, and saves those who have a crushed spirit.

Fight For It

The battle is the Lord's! 2 Chronicles 20:15

Give in=Death

Let's not be glib about this.

Drive by poverty worshipers! Trump Economy best in many generations, but the people hate it. They scream for squalor!

Could not find it amongst friends, mano a mano. John 15 and 17.

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