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Big Pharma and Suicide

Real life concerns about suicide and violence.


Tentacles to murder.

FAITHMIX.COM, CUNNEDA'S RAMBLE, PORTHOLE TO JUSTICE, LITTLE TREASURES ORPHANAGEEJoin us for continued discussion and awareness and prayer to end Human...View Details

It will ramp up if you are about to succeed. It will ramp up if you show fear. It will ramp up if you are distant from the Word or the Almighty. Wh...View Details

With a lot of light and humor.....Sexual abuse and trauma leading to suicide, i.e. wanting to be abused and seeking death as a way to stop it. Earth...View Details

Triggering, ptsd, demonic setups, spiritual warfare, Satanists and satanism -- murder by suicide. July to be Suicide Awareness and Prevention Month.

It's amazing how accurate this manual is -- what people don't realize and hopefully they will soon is that this is a global war.


Jamming on live drums, no edits... and keys. Atmospheric track.

Every motion in space is met with a similar countermotion and so it appears we are going nowhere. No so. Faith breaks barriers.

I'll give you true horror. Your thoughts of suicide are not your own. Your life decisions are not your own. Rest in Jesus, but one must let go.

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