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God is not mocked.. 2 Way justice given out. Myths about Corona. God can allow, direct, curtail, all these things. What was the world thinking? It...View Details

What the hell is this? They found the cure 100 percent success rate and they want us locked down? It's a people-virus that needs to be defeated.

Martial law as a response to being cured of Corona V? yes. Today, the Corona Virus impact on human trafficking.......... prayer.

Will we survive the government?

You'll be ok in Christ in death.

Sick of the attacks on you and your family yet? Everything is canceled. Paychecks hard to come by. Liposomal C. D3. Colloidal Silver.

March 9. 2002. It began.

And there are increasing quantum irregularities while we are not paying attention.

Corona Porn

liposomal C kills virus, FYI - gaames ggames gamesmes


It's a strange anthem to the locust.

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