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You know Kellie as a musician and fab singer, but you may not realize she is a master potter too. Custom cups with encouraging Bible scriptures beauti...View Details

The Gifting - The Change

"I wil cleanse the land,".... and "I will bless my people"A collision of opposites. Prayer is answered, things are changing. Do you long for Jesus our...View Details

Once again the LORD GOD YAHWEH IS MOVING... I will break down what I have seen -- healing is nigh, on so many levels. At the same time the wicked are ...View Details

America Goes Mad Max

Yahweh will not bless the NATION that has gone astray. We have prayed on the hope we can fix the NATION, but if not possible, then it is doomed. Yahwe...View Details

Many of you may have noticed. It's game on on every level. This is not for the squeamish. I recount days of gangstalking and the question is how are n...View Details

Zeph Report Targeted Individuals NOT believed. Shrinks and mental health professionals invading chat rooms and saying there is no such thing as gangst...View Details

The Voices

The Zeph Report

Confronting the enemy in the spiritual dimensions and in the earth.  Pray in God's will.  

Live: Human 20 on 20

Praying worldwide to end human trafficking and modern day slavery...

Concerning the state of the occultic world.  

Just a perspective on internet bondage.

The spiritual walk and the hazards therein.  

As the title implies.... 

Interpretation of a comprehensive Dream about Hell and God.  

God Is With His People

Joshua 1:9  "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you where...View Details

Mandela Effect redux... taking an assessment of just how different things have become.  And more.......

It's pretty clear to any observer that the world is Satan, and that maximum evil rules the earth today. God must destroy -- they will never get their ...View Details

As the title implies.  

Fire - from Spreaker

More on the word 'complacency' and the divide and political struggle in the USA.  

In the throes of the Jezebel spirit and in the walk with Jesus it means control through using the Bible, religion, anything.  If you walk your own wal...View Details

Prayer warriors, Sept. 20th group meet--God's will be done.

Answers - Always

Prayer in the hands of those in Christ is a weapon of mass change in the world.  Never give up, always pray.