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Some insights as I have been researching and writing.  

As the title implies.... 

Prayer warriors, Sept. 20th group meet--God's will be done.

Answers - Always

Prayer in the hands of those in Christ is a weapon of mass change in the world.  Never give up, always pray.  

The Human Electrical Grid

Using the Body Human and other biological entities to completing a power and control grid over all the earth.  Jesus is the antidote.  

I’m Not Your Experiment

Basically cyber targeting and beyond...   

Et Tu?

Betrayal. We wonder about that op-ed piece in the NYT and we discuss what it would take to make America functional again.  Perhaps people don't want t...View Details

Frustration at the political climate and the soft civil war we are engaged in, but hope remains.  

Intense Frequencies

Covering spiritual warfare, and a number of topics, especially Trump needing prayer and why suicide is not an option.