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MK Society

God bless the survivors and fighters.

America Goes Mad Max

Yahweh will not bless the NATION that has gone astray. We have prayed on the hope we can fix the NATION, but if not possible, then it is doomed. Yahwe...View Details

Latest on spiritual warfare, targeted prayer and a spirit talk.  

Concerning the state of the occultic world.  

Harm City

Updated!... Track featuring me on drums and keys. 

The spiritual walk and the hazards therein.  

As the title implies.... 

Mandela Effect redux... taking an assessment of just how different things have become.  And more.......

A song pretty much about gangstalking, cyber and social control and humans used as guinea pigs.     

The Healer

Lyrics, Poetry by Zeph Daniel I was sadtrying to find my way across from the truck stop to the dinerand what I foundPeople didn't even know they were ...View Details

It's pretty clear to any observer that the world is Satan, and that maximum evil rules the earth today. God must destroy -- they will never get their ...View Details

As the title implies.  

Fire - from Spreaker

More on the word 'complacency' and the divide and political struggle in the USA.  

In the throes of the Jezebel spirit and in the walk with Jesus it means control through using the Bible, religion, anything.  If you walk your own wal...View Details

Prayer warriors, Sept. 20th group meet--God's will be done.

Answers - Always

Prayer in the hands of those in Christ is a weapon of mass change in the world.  Never give up, always pray.  

The Human Electrical Grid

Using the Body Human and other biological entities to completing a power and control grid over all the earth.  Jesus is the antidote.  

I’m Not Your Experiment

Basically cyber targeting and beyond...   

The Lamb Is God

Jesus is The Lamb. God bless those who seeing can actually see and know. #HealingSession

Et Tu?

Betrayal. We wonder about that op-ed piece in the NYT and we discuss what it would take to make America functional again.  Perhaps people don't want t...View Details

Targeted on Social

Breaking down the targeting on social media and how they specifically deal with each of us individually.  

Sunshine After Destructo

Trish sings to a Z tune.  


He keeps on for America and the world no matter what they throw at him.