I’d Rather Be Me

“I’d rather be me than them, poor bastards.”
By Zeph Daniel
January 27, 2016

The controlled in the cyber ghettos don’t have a clue. The enslavement begins with light, it flickers, it hypnotizes, it predicts accurately what the target will do. And so the technology is based on moving the consciousness to get the physical result, like terror attacks, market crashes and WW3.

And while the humans believe they are socializing and connecting, actually, they communicate with no one. At no time is there a “conversation” occurring. The control enslaving mechanism is not of this world. It harnesses human power, power the human is unaware of and cannot use, and manipulates world events among other things.

The end result of course is that others who control the human factory use the human successfully as a commodity to achieve a simulacrum of continuous life for the benefit of other species who would otherwise go extinct to continue living in an earthly context in space time.