Actually PARASITE PROHPETS such as the Johnny-come-latelies.... TAKE GREAT PLEASURE at the gloom and doom that is PREDICTED BY METEOROLOGISTS AHEAD OF TIME, giving people PLENTY OF TIME TO EVACUATE. They are going around screaming and yelling for people to fear them THAT THEY PREDICTED IT YEARS AGO, AND so THE PEOPLE MUST BE KILLED BY YAHWEH---that will teach 'em!... And those who listen are JUDGED, not those who get busy, open their hearts and help others, but those who SIT THERE IN FEAR DOING NOTHING WHILE BEING CONTROLLED BY THESE PARASITE PROPHETS who come in the name of the Lord. BS ARTISTS who capitalize on each Disaster. You know who they are...The Quayles, Bening, Stephen, the idiot radio shows who promote them...ALL FALSE. Will the people EVER wake up? And see that the JUDGMENT if there is one is on THOSE WHO SAY THEY ARE UPRIGHT CHRISTIANS FOLLOWING GOD'S PROPHETS.... IT IS THEY who are judged. While many receive BLESSINGS as God helps them through. Amen. In Jesus Name. Z


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