I am a little facetious but a fair warning: Going forward it is wise to curb your free speech on the net. That means when you blog, do not gossip or slander about how evil celebrities or presidents are, or obsess on the government--free speech will be outlawed on the web by registration, so whatever comment you make will be tied to you. Also curb any gossip or slander in chatrooms or forums. Post articles, but if it's all government hating or exposing satanism or the evil works they do, all I can say is, there was a time for that, NOT ANYMORE! Be wise as serpents and gentle as doves...people in glass houses do not throw stones, and you do not yell FIRE in a crowded theater. Time to change direction, and that also includes saying your religion saves and everybody else is going to hell, or how God is about to destroy the planet etc... conspiracy talk, end times obsessed people will be given psychiatric treatment eventually. Don't be one of them, that's all. Those who think they are being uber Christians for getting in trouble are deluded. SO YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. If you value some of these podcasts know that I am changing my tune as of today. It's got nothing to do with the president but a prophetic leading. The time for FREE SPEECH ON THE NET IS OVER. Proceed with caution.

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