Human2020.com  - End Human Slavery and Child Trafficking by 2020.


Visit the Human 2020 Initiative website by founder, Govinda Tidball
In 2014 the leaders of every major religious faith in the world made a global pledge, to end human

trafficking by 2020. Modern day slavery in the forms of sex trafficking, labor trafficking, organ

trafficking, illegal adoption, child soldiers, and the like has become a $150 Billion industry

violating the fundamental human rights of 35.8 million people and has been declared a disgrace to

God and a dishonor to humankind by all major spiritual faiths in the world. 
The Human 2020 initiative was established to give civil society a platform and an opportunity to play

an active role as individuals and organizations in ending modern day slavery.  Human 2020 
is an

open source platform for civil society, businesses, non-profit organizations, student bodies, law

enforcement, and political leadership to take ownership in advancing solutions in response to the

moral mandate of our generation. Together, with a shared focus on addressing the root causes of

trafficking and broadbasing solutions we can all play a part in fulfilling the global pledge to end

modern day slavery by 2020.

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