Everything is not everything. The Egyptians are not the children of Israel. The magus is not the saint. The light is not the darkness and the realm of the dead is NOT the realm of the living. I wish (but that is futitle) we could keep that straight! In this audio I recount my time with the dead, and ministering to those who were massacred, while history forgot them, and instead lifted up the corrupt priests whom they killed because the priests lied to them. The true history of the southwest I learned a bit of in the spirit. You can't rely on the Spaniards to speak of the Indians. So I was a priest to those who died, and my own murderer came face to face with me, with himself. A story some of you may recall. And further in the Exodus vibe, the harder we are worked, the lower we are pushed, the stronger we get, the more we multiply. Amen. Peace to you, and may Y'Shua bless you abundantly. Z

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