After Communion restarted. After Yom Kippur, interestingly enough. Yahweh makes no partitions. His Word in the Bible He will DO IT. He is serious about it. We are given a new start today, and so let us be energized for the Lord. A note on the Jew Haters. I stand by what I said on the podcasts and I probably underestimated the increasing problem. Every nation will turn on Israel and the Jews wherever they are, as Christian persecution ramps up everywhere. Satan's plan will fail ultimately, but for now we witness prophetic persecution increasing. So it's on, on many levels--we just have to have the courage to say what we see in serving Jesus Christ. That being said, the double edged sword of YAHVEH has come down, and shaken the earth... and a new energy has come to the Lambs, a new courage if you will... more on this as we move cautiously forward into this strange new world, or should I say 'estranged' new world. Godspeed Shalom z

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