#28 - OR LOSE IT

I believe the people of God will fight for America--I don't believe that it is OF GOD to sit back and complain all day long, DOING NOTHING to help. To me that is laziness, cowardice and an embrace of the satanic. It is easy to be passive, and blame the USA, blame Israel, blame the globalists, when in the main it's good people doing NOTHING who are to blame. And hopefully that is a trend that will cease--I do welcome the Tea Party and anything that courageously stands in the face of majority opposition. God blesses the foolish things to confound the wise. The rise of Christian persecution and Jew hating is rising daily to levels we haven't seen. Those who say Israel is not of God may join Obama, the UN and all the globalists who say the EXACT SAME THING...Add America to the list and you are a Communist Revolutionary. If you're led by the LORD, you take a stand. At the same time, those who follow the LORD and stick to HIS WORD operate in a major blessing. All good things can be accomplished even if it looks impossible. There is no Goliath we cannot slay if we have THE LORD. Amen. Selah.


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