The incredible deception of online liars in the Name of Jesus pushing Marxist philosophy, i.e. hate the "zionist" USA, and all collaborators, meaning no resistance through no hope in any Return of Christ to bring the destruction of the world, i.e. Marxist New World Order into view. The fight is between two huge spirits--the spirit of Christ (Veritas, Hope, and Physical Return ((requires faith)) versus the spirit of Tyranny and non-resistance through duplicity and lies, using propaganda and any/all religions. Now ENTER ET... TO FINISH IT ALL OFF... I.e. ET eradicates Jesus, reinterprets the Bible and all holy books to become a religion of COMPLIANCE and a total deception... and may allow a chosen few to receive supernatural powers as a good faith gesture. it's on baby it's on.... Gen 6:4, Eph 6:12, 1 John 4:3 Shalom z

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