by Death Camp Parade

Looking out

at the devastation

I’m still here

I’m here

I’m still here

Looking out from my crumbling concrete

just turned the power off last week

American wasteland


American wasteland

American wasteland

Exploit the people

Steal all their water

burn down them buildings and call it Progress.

One day you’ll get caught for what you did

I can see you planning another devastation

That’s all you know how to do

I’m looking out at a broken system

American Wasteland



American Progress

A burned out world

Once I believed in the Dream

Have you seen Detroit?

I always thought there would be a way to work it all out.

It’s a wasteland

American wasteland

American wasteland

Looking for the way out

Is there another

American wasteland

Think I’ll move to Mother Russia

Take my chances in the Black Sea

I hear that Costa Rica has some possibilities……..

Composition by Rich Keltner
Production, Vocals, Added Percussion by Zeph Daniel
Lyrics by Zeph Daniel

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