Well, Punk Funk — that was yesterday’s frustration with the pride of buffoons, today is January 26. What I said 2 years ago when I attempted to start a blog is so succinct it frightened me. So simple to understand… to enslave all humans. (Well you know the rest)

The Lighten
September 28, 2014
And so it comes in, the thing that would end once and for all the reality of what some refer to as the ‘Matrix.’ It’s really just called ‘This Reality.’

What is it?

It’s really an alternate reality controlled by a reptile species of intelligent but not human origin. The purpose is to enslave the human population through the creation of a virtual reality matrix combined with genetic engineering, so that a human being would have no clue what reality is. Would have a sense of self and purpose while being harvested much like a farm animal.

More later….,..


I wish we could just heal the breach and be kind to one another. Well, if kindness is burying truth to spare people’s feelings then no, not going to happen. If being kind is taking care of people, serving people even if they are persecuting you, then that is Christ, yes that is the way. Speaking truth even if inconvenient, even if threats come? Yes, that is the way too.

There are certain people who are targeted by something larger, there is persecution for following (for real) Jesus Christ. There is persecution for being a lamb (trust me, you may not have heard that term but the worlders know it quite well, and to them it’s free target practice).

The Age of Light, the Return of Christ, the New Jerusalem is the end of the Luciferian monopoly–the end of slavery, degradation and pain. But, how many served the Beast system, they will pay as if they are the Beast.

And you will be rewarded as if YOU ARE CHRIST.

“Deserve” has nothing to do with it. It’s a legal matter, at first, and deeper it’s a “belonging” issue and a soul matter.

So Punk Funk–to those in the hierarchy, which models real life yet isn’t life at all, but death. To those who have forfeited eternal life or life in general…those used as theatrical props in a world that cares nothing about them and yet they continue with self importance and narcissism and worldly business. Just how many are in the hierarchy? Sad question. I prefer not to contemplate it, save for how it impacts our lives, how they are aimed like weapons against us, those who are of the light. Those not in the hierarchy.

Yeah, if you’re not in the hierarchy for whatever reason you’re actually running the race and you don’t even know it! That’s a good thought–that pleases me to consider.

It would be very sad for me to comprehend that most people gave up. The Bible says this:

1 Cor 9:24
Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize? So run, that ye may obtain.

Romans 6:16 (aka Hierarchy 101 rulebook)
Don’t you know that when you offer yourselves to someone as obedient slaves, you are slaves of the one you obey–whether you are slaves to sin, which leads to death, or to obedience, which leads to righteousness?

Most people are slaves to sin, which means slaves to man (I can’t emphasize that enough).

I can’t see anything getting us out of that condition except the spiritual liberation of the Blood of Christ–that is, redemption.

So as this period of transition goes from darkness to light, they of the darkness will go with the darkness, and they of the light will go with the light–and the divide is permanent–it is cosmic.


I have seen this huge divide… like a stream of a cosmic universe or a portal through space–it split up ahead, one portal going left and one going right–opposite directions. And then I saw that there will be peace in one direction, but hell and pain and death in the other. Then I heard, don’t always trust the fear mongers when they say WW3.

There is always another thing going on that people just don’t realize. So much of this is like a dream and like AI but not clunky like man–rather smooth, surreal and sometimes arbitrary, as the dimensions change from time to time and where you were yesterday is not where you are today and the people are not the same though they look almost identical. But that’s another topic.

And yes, Jesus the Lamb is in control, who already rules and reigns everything, and has since before the worlds were formed. How foolish to think you can just reject Him out of hand, that there is some other way, when there is not even one. The second way is but an illusion. ~ Zeph Daniel