...have rejected GOD.

Know who they are and hide that information.

Coalesce together to gangstalk innocent victims.

Enjoy their power and are drunk on having no conscience.

Rule over the world with an iron fist.

Pretend to be charitable, pretend to have morals, pretend to do the right thing, pretend to be UNKNOWING of the truth, pretend to be like ...

Like You!

Pretend to LIKE YOU.


Will turn on you at the approved of time (that is, approved of by the hive group of humans who are dead but the carcass is animated by THEM)

Will kill if they can get away with it. Will seduce you into joining them; will influence you to sell out your views, morals, aspirations and become their slave--will do anything they can get away with.


Have in their pocket the powers that be and all law enforcement, military, banking, politics, entertainment, and foist mind control idiocy on the mass populace who is lost and confused.


A few of us know all about this.

My Los Angeles trip was filled with this knowledge and yet I was able to slide through nearly unscathed save for the constant barrage of spiritual attack that did incapacitate me from communicating, except for my short video blogs.  (That they did not figure I would do)


They pose as any religion YOU ARE.  Xtian, Buddhist, Atheist, Communist, Patriot, whatever, doesn't matter...they don't care.  It's all about the action, or as a young Axel Rose was quoted as saying, Welcome to the Jungle and something about his serpent seed. So in other words, all those under bright lights have, according to Rock and Roll, PAID with their souls, no matter how talented, beautiful, gifted, or whatever.  It is LAW.  The Law of the land on earth.

So why would any of us choose the path of CHRIST (for real, since most who say Jesus are utter liars and slaves of Satan) and not getting what awaits us: success, acceptance, a path, family, friends, a chance at living a real life?

The answer is quite simple: IT IS NOT A REAL LIFE.  They are not real.  They are pretending to live, while they have died.  What lives on to cash in on that success is not the one who began as THEY in the vessel God gave them.  It has been EXCHANGED.


And for this reason I do not put a lot of stock in REPENTENCE.  What good is it if a spiritually dead meat puppet repent?  Answer: it's a joke because it is not possible in many circumstances as these have gone the way of the Second Death as Rev. 20:6 speaks about: Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection: on such the second death hath no power...

He's already dead.  Already gone, but his vessel lives on owned by the Demonic (Realm of Fallen Angels, Nephilim, Satan, Lucifer, etc).

And so WHO IS HE?

The answer is IRRELEVANT.  He does not exist, so the idea of who he is or isn't should not matter.  Dead xtians may try to evangelize someone like this publicly, but this is just recruitment into a demoniac gang of gangstalking haters of God.

Thus, Christianity, as we see in the mainstream, is simply an avenue of recruitment and soul-scalping.

It's just that simple.

I wish there was another way to explain it.  But there it is--perfect, literal truth, unvarnished and crystal clear for any who have eyes or ears, meaning the very few who are conscious thanks to the Almighty.

This is why the Masons hate God and pretend to be like Christians--to usurp that which He has created and twist it towards their own divinity, their own power to become sovereign gods unto themselves.


The Bible says God is no respecter of persons, and He has allowed, in all his PERFECT WISDOM, humankind to rebel and fall pray to the lizards en masse.  The Bible also prophesies that very few belong to God, and the ratios have held since the time of the Garden.

Nothing new under the sun.




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