In the middle of the night I was up watching the skies and receiving downloads that fried my CPU it seems... the SOLSTICE ECLIPSE is the end of the Civilization of Man as we know it.  This is the beginning of a rapid decline for humans clutching to human things--to materialism.  But it is the beginning of a rise of all things SPIRIT, for those with ears.

To this end, wars will be flubbed, Internet Regulation won't sync, banks will be confused in policy, currency will become irrelevant, health scares like swine flu will go scattered, institutions will collapse and state's will declare bankruptcy with the cavalry of the US not coming to the rescue.


Truly it's the dark ages all over again.  Literally, from here on...   Does that mean we get a Biblical 3.5 years of Utopia?  Unlikely--perhaps we've had that, and anything of them is pretty rotten anyway.

Where are the UFO's?

They come now to be worshiped.  They feel they have a right since they tell everyone who will listen that they and they alone are our progenitors.

Why was this solstice different from the one in the 1600's?

Because this period is known as the PLUNGE.

Into the Ice Age?

Into the Abyss?

I will tell you. As I said the day before the Solstice Eclipse, into SPIRITUAL MEANING HIGHER DIMENSIONAL LIFE FORMS, or perish into the ether as all matter is transformed.


It is a great time for the lambs of God!  Truly all things shall be fulfilled.  As Jesus said, the last will be first and the first last.  In chaos and calamity, we shall know peace finally--beyond all comprehension.

Because we actually REMEMBER where we are going.  We've been there, done that as it were, since TIME is circular and at the same time irrelevant.  Non-existent in real reality of Spirit Form.

Sounds a bit New Agey but I will say the Bible fulfills (this is the PLUNGE)... the horrors in the Book of Revelation are coming due all the time--but the main point of Revelation is to show us the New Heaven and New Earth, the New Jerusalem, where God is the light and no need of mechanics.

I will record something today about the desperation of the worlders.  They think you're getting away, and you are, but you are transforming into some other form.  They are not.  The dividing line is clear: HYBRIDS ON ONE SIDE, INTACT HUMANS (NOAH) ON THE OTHER.  Each time a human takes the initiation of Satan and Breaks on Through to the Other Side, he or she becomes a HYBRID.  As NIMROD DID.  Essentially, NEPHILIM.

That means all fake religionistas too--lizards run the religions and all institutions of man... that is their job on earth, which is also leaving its former configuration, thus leaving THEM behind.

So they are freaked out--THEY KNOW THE SOLSTICE ECLIPSE SPELLS THE END FOR THEM...TOTALLY, UTTERLY, and so they vie quickly for the Darth Vader solution.  The planet prison lockdown.  Perhaps they should jail the sun?  hahahahahaha

Perhaps they should repent?

THEM?  YOU KIDDING?  Do not think so.  Yahweh has already divided the sheep and goats as we are out of time.

So we go through a long period where physics begins to change the old rules begin not working each and every time applied.

Scary if you love this world.

Liberating if you belong to Spirit Eternal.




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