I have done 6 hours of podcasting this week and am not able to get them to you, due to spiritual forces holding me back.   The theme is disrespect -- i.e. people are scattered now, and a diaspora is going on...they are not hearing what I am talking about, I also feel a disconnect from "them" (not the core listeners but the bulk) or they seem to hear yet it goes in one ear and out the other.  If it was just me representing myself and my babble, FINE... but it's not that, never has been.

They have fallen into disrespecting and not discerning what is God's word and what is the Conspiracy Theory (fake word), fear based hype.  They think repeating prayers over and over and finding demons under every rock is God's way.  I assure you this brand of hysteria is nowhere in God or His Word.  This is putting on a show to gather folks, then you can hit them with a ton of conspiracy stuff.   Thank God I can see this truth, and impart it to you.  Watch out they are vying for your attention even now, and mine.  I have outgrown the fundamentalist ways.  To me we are here to make a choice and to flow in harmony with God's creation, which is truly Christ -- being humancentric (humans as gods) only brings separation from God's Song of Life ( and we are all being "sung" as it were)... thus we freak out and blame God when normal processes go on. v them, end times programming and the rest of it.

I have done a talk about God's tuning fork and how we are in a marvelous time of renewal: new ideas, new directions, but I cannot share these with you right now.

When the conditions change I will be able to return.   But they may not change.  People are running here and there to anything that "feels good"...and not being led by the Spirit.  Unfocused, desultory, clouds without water... double minded, unstable... living by fear not by faith.

My friends, do not forget this:

2Co 5:7  (For we walk by faith, not by sight:)

Spirit trumps flesh.

I will make an attempt at speaking to you briefly through video.  My youtube channel is "zdversion"


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I designed a Yeshua Messiah clock using Hebrew and English.  It's pretty cool, among other Zedjah 528 things.  528 changes EVERYTHING.  It is God's tuning fork for the human soul.

It can take one on a journey untraveled by modern music.  The new album, ZONTARA, is available everywhere.  This was the phase leading up to the breakthrough, or just prior to the breakthrough, or Graduation from the Music School.   THE Music School, with the right tuning fork.

Working on a new EP (short album) for the 528 tracks.  These will be available at iTunes, Amazon etc... soon.

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We are songs being sung... all creation is tuned to 528.