Written by Kellie Rowley & Zeph Daniel
Kellie Rowley - Composition, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, & Vocals
Rich Keltner - Lead Guitar
Zeph Daniel - Drums and Percussion, Mix, Master, Production

Dereliction Of Duty
May 2013 Z. Daniel and Kellie Rowley

There is no going back now to the beginning, there is no going back now to the past
We're beyond the point of no return on this journey, unknown territory ahead
I've lived so long with your suffering and confusion
I've tried to be at peace with your blatant delusion
But you give me no choice, you give me no choice

Your evil tries to cast down all we hold sacred
You've failed to convince the least among us that we are the lie
You obfuscate, point and berate, but you will not succeed
How can you tell me that you love me
When you kill everything that life holds dear

You are the who could change it all, but you squander your power
in a failed fight, it's a failed fight, Oh. It's a failed fight, a failed fight

Dereliction, dereliction of Duty
Dereliction, dereliction of Duty

Founder of my pity, oh...
And I've forgiven you, maybe you know not what you do
The truth will abide at the end of the day, your lies will subside
Truth will abide, your lies will die. Truth will abide

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