A Death Camp Parade track

Rich Keltron Keltner: Composition, synths, drum programming
Zeph Daniel: Vocals, Percussion, Melody, Extended Arrangement, Mix

Lyrics by Zeph Daniel

I remember you
from the beginning
You left the city
and wandered to the sand
to the ends of the earth
the beginning of birth

I wanna fly to the sun
I scream at no one
dare to dream

Skeletons dancin’
Reminders of my desolation
No shame, no one to blame
It’s all the same

The mind is open
the sea of tranquility
where I dream

The infinite question,
the infinite dimension
are we more than just gravity?

I see the souls wandering
Harmony of angels
the water of life
there is no strife

No conclusion
Just an illusion
A piece of fiction

I want to fly to the sun
The water burns like a star
the cool sun soothes
like the sound of cactus flowers

The mind is open
The sea of tranquility
in the desert where I dream

Skeletons dancin’
reminders of my desolation
there is no shame
no one to blame
it’s all the same

The infinite question
Are we more than just gravity?

It’s soooooooooooo insane
a sea of fools

Soooooooo insane
a sea of fools

The sun rises, the sun sets
I see the souls dancin’ on their graves

What do you do?  

It’s soooooooo insane
a sea of fools

I wanna fly to the sun……..

(rebel yell: yeahhhh ay hay ay yay
yeah—ee-yeah ee-yeah ee-yeah)

I’m free
I’m free yeah
I’m freeeeee yeah

I’m free now
where I belong
I’m free
where I belong
I’m free
where I belong

Where are you goin’ why’re you runnin' away
where you gonna go what’s you gonna say now
what’s you gonna say to everybody now
where you gonna go, whatcha gonna do now
whatcha gonna do for money
whatcha gonna do for a life
whatcha gonna do with all your kids and
whatcha gonna do with your wife?
whatcha gonna do now run run away
whatcha gonna do now irresponsible loser, loser, idiot, laughing stock?
You gotta go back and face the music
can’t just run out to the desert and fail
you might run outta water
you might run out of sand
you might run out of space
you might run out of land

I remember you

I wanna fly to the sun
but I dare to dream

Dare to dream! 

Chorus (for the duration)
I wanna fly….
I wanna fly…
I wanna fly…

No shame, no shame
We’re not all the same!

You can’t catch me now
and I’m gone

I’m gonna fly
I’m gonna leave

Way out west
West is the best!

There you see… 
I’m not gonna be like you
and you’re not gonna be like me
Don Quixote was sane
You’re insane
You’re a slave
A slave to the big machine
You’re never gonna get out


The infinite question?
Are we…?
Are we more than just gravity?

It’s so insane (refrain)….

Imprisoned souls trying to escape their fate!

I wanna fly, I wanna fly, I wanna fly now!

I wanna fly to the sun

Gonna fly now
I’m gonna fly now
Gonna fly hey...
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