by Zeph Daniel

A long distance to FIND what we are looking for... but the mistake is not to set out in the first place.

To find is key, to have is golden. A Zeph Daniel ambient cinematic spiritual track, with narration.


What good does it do a man to gain the whole world but to lose his soul....

to lose everything...what does it profit a man to gain it all and lose the One, the Life, what does it

profit a man to win .... ooooh

And then I saw the highest mountains, the lowest valleys, the depth of the seas and everything in

between and all the stars and all the past and all the future, and then I understood

And so he searches far and wide to find the One, the one thing that would make all make sense, that

one last chance, that one last effort, that one last sojourn, that one last ounce of faith...

Find it or die

Find from Zeph Daniel on Vimeo.

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