I’m going to the store

Find some rope, to hang for

I’m going to the edge

Find all the people who fled from me

I’m going…

Finally on my way!

I’m takin’ no prisoners

Finally, they will pay

Look who snuck in our back door

They’ve done it a time before

I’m going to the corner store

Find some rope to hang for

I’m going to the bar

Smash all the cars on the side of the road.

Look at you lookin’ at me!

I’m finally on my way

You can’t stop me now

I’m goin’ to the store

Find something to live for

You won’t get away that easily

Bring it down….

Run, run

Go find your peace

You won’t be able to release your pain

Look around on that corner

They wait for you, even now!

You won’t see anything different today

I wish you'd go away

I’m going to the store

Find me some rope to hang for


Keltron (Richard Keltner): composition, guitars, bass, synths

Zeph Daniel: production, arrangement, additional drums and guitar, lyrics, vocals

Produced, Mixed and Mastered at Zeph Daniel Studios, New Mexico  

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