Lyrics by Zeph Daniel

How will you get through another world
a lesser world
a world not your own

Are you who they said you were?

I know
I know what I know

And you’re not gonna take it

I’m not going to lie
or argue

Not who I knew before…

It changed

Are they another species? 
Something we don’t know?

They’re not smart
They’re dangerous
Will they hurt us?

It’s like I woke up a hundred million light years away
Now surrounded by holograms
They’re stupid!
They’re stupid.

Everything is dumb

What do I know?
What do I know? 
What do we know?

How do we--
I know you’re not--
You’re not you anymore
You’re not you anymore.

Rich "Keltron" Keltner - Composition, Instrumentation
Zeph Daniel - Vocals, Lyrics, Melody, Mix/Master, Production 

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