Insomnia - The Blurry Ones
Song and Lyrics by Zeph Daniel

No one likes to be woken up
out of a deep sleep
now it’s becoming a nightmare

I thought I was rested
I should have stayed in bed
thought I was rested

Rather I mean the blurry ones
they really are the blurry ones
and they came through the cracks
through the little shards of light

The blurry ones will get you
The blurry ones are coming your way
Lest you be deceived
Watch out

No matter how hard I try to sleep
the blurry ones keep coming
jumping in my head!

Now they want more than their share!
Now you want to get away……
They want to play
not your way

I take my sleep very seriously
I don’t want to worry
but the blurry ones
they don’t want me to rest
they don’t want me to rest

I wanna fly away………
from the blurry ones
from the furry ones
try to sleep in

but they are in my hair
and they’re coming through the wall
and I don’t really appreciate it at all!
At all!
At all……...

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