Zeph: Drums,Special effects,End rides, Production
Jaime: Piano, Vocals and other cool ideas
ThePhaige: Lyrics,Vocals and some other things

What to say about this track..I was originally going to go instrumental on this with a play of Marvin the Martian from Bugs bunny.. and then I thought nahh ...I wanted to have fun lyrically and with my friends on this one. So it became like a fun joy ride though space in an intergalactic hot rod. Jaime brought some killer vocals and this awesome piano set for the middle of the song that sort of reminds me of being in an intergalactic lounge chilling and listening to music or whatever. I thought what she came up with was so perfect for the song and I love it. Jaime is someone I cant say enough good things about with regard to her gifts and as a person. Simply the best!

Passed this off the Zeph as he was upgrading his studio and I think he was able to use this track to dial everything in and get all the bugs and entities out. He came with a great drum ride as well as the cool effects all over the song , and that wild ride of an end...just perfect. Im very happy with how Zeph interprets our tunes and seems to know just what it needs here and there. He dedicated tons of time to this one and it shows big time and Im so grateful. So lets get Modulatin'  ~ThePhaige
Intergalactic Space Modulator

Forward is the way we're gonna go
We're not living in the past like we used to do
Everything that matters lies ahead
We'll use our history to learn but not be led
Countless adventures in our path
So bountiful and fun we so have done the math
As we pick up the little memories from the road
Enjoy all that's reaped as well as all that's sowed

We gonna ride in our
InterGalactic Space Modulator
On through intergalactic space
InterGalactic Space Modulator
I'll bring my guitars…you grab the bass
Modulate it baby…modulate it baby

Yeah - hit me with some of that bass
And gimme that electric guitar

Promethium, nutronium, and caffeineium
The fuel in the tank for our trip around the sun
Will have the windows down and have the heat shields up
Gonna try not to get a sun spot on the paint or in our cups
As we accelerate the winds in our hair
Oh wait..we're in outer space that's really just conditioned air
But whose all that concerned or recording the facts
We're here for the visions taking to the intergalactic max

InterGalactic Space Modulator
On through intergalactic space
InterGalactic Space Modulator
I'll grab my guitars…you grab the…ebony/ivory
Modulate it baby…modulate it baby…
Play us some of that piano we love
Sounds like an angel from above

So we've passed the sun and we're into open space
Tooling along as in a virtual race
The stars are zooming from front, left and right
IF they was musical notes they'd be quadraphonic light
Impulse drive engaged into some foreign galaxies
We see nebulae, the pulsars, and some wild anomalies
There ain't no concerns cause wez having a blast
No pun intended as the copacetic wez sharin iz limitless and vast

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