Just a lament on the violence today.

Let’s Not Kill Each Other, Brother Lyrics by Zeph Daniel

Why we bicker over all these differences Why you wanna tell me what to eat what to wear? I like a deep dish you like a thin crust You like one thing I don’t care

You like coke I like Pepsi You like up I like down You like east I like west You just find a need to criticize me Gotta be a man of love

Now I don’t care if you like a Bud Light Don’t punch me out if I got a Bud regular, please

So quit being violent

Who are you to criticize I like salt, pepper, garlic Wouldn’t be caught dead in a V6 8 under the hood 4 on the floor, baby Strictly high octane over here You like to save on gasoline that’s alright with me You like left and I like right Doesn’t mean we have to kill each other, brother

I like diamonds you like rubies Ain’t no flies on that I like potato you like potato I don’t care where you’re at You may be black and I might be white I don’t care Welcome! Let’s not kill each other, brother I’m prayin’ prayin’ prayin’ prayin’ for peace

To me it’s gotten to be such a drag.

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