Photobucket I shall not trust in the one  who claims to have our best interests at heart

there is no us there is only them them and their ignorance them and their love of death them and their forward thrust into the backwards maze they call nirvana but really a museum for clerks sent by rich men who know nothing but their bellies and their lusts their lies and hatred a must if you trust murder is suicide reap what you sow not on their watch

the fallen ones unleashed on the earth fo the final farewell for the final push of the reflecting pool into the ditch open conscious thought and sonic bliss a moment away these lizards are stupid these lizards are absolutely stupid these lizards are programmed to do what they do eat, sleep and fuck

time to duck forlorn and over the seas beyond where there is no sea but reward the work weighed you came through it the work weighed you did exactly what you promised to do in coming to earth... backwards mirror no more

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