After living in a kind of nightmarish hell after producing SATAN, YOUR KINGDOM MUST COME DOWN, and after being unable apparently to produce any podcasts, and after going past the edge on self-loathing, self-pity and sinking into an unconsolable depression over the world and the fires, riots, pain and suffering caused by the New World Order progressives and globalist-satanist-pedophile pigs who run the world.... THIS IS MY RESPONSE SATAN!.... OK!  JESUS PAID IT ALL!

I hope to get to producing shows again now and feel like I have a lot to share about what is going on....... believe me, it's all been taken in and digested.  One thing, things are not the same as they were -- though God never changes.

No loops were used in this production.  I played everything on drum pads, keyboards, bass guitar.  Mixed down on Wavelab 6.  The guitar was sampled from an Epiphone SG,  then the individual notes are played using a midi-keyboard.  The guitar is pretty dry by itself, so the effects box made all the difference, this one by Line 6, and I forget what setting I had that on, my guess is that it's called OVERLOAD... hahahahaa.... Drums are produced one beat at a time!  No drum machines or anything like that... note by note.

My words were delivered extemporaneously while I was in terrible emotional pain--a pain I could not fix, so I went to the studio to fight it out.  It is clear we are dealing now with forces beyond human control, like God's plan will go full tilt, and if we survive so be it, but everything around me screams Death.

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