Was inspired to make a track for Cunneda's use in the poetical journey he is on.  As a background...
 I also share it with you.  Some very interesting sounds that I don't think I made occur here...2 soft
synths, one outboard synth, and a Kong drum sampler.  No ambient loops or wild sound (I just
didn't think that would work)... also used a Neptune pitch synth...which made some very strange
sounds.. . it's like playing a chromatic tuner as a synth.. can't explain it, but it makes things very
otherworldly.   This seems to be part awe-glory of God we are slain in the spirit music then the
second half comes in with drums and suddenly it is the battle of the Angels come to earth... the
theme that has been going around in the spirit for those with ears, eyes and hearts.  YAHSPEED... z

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